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Shrink blocks - Different sizes

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    BlockShrink - Shrink blocks - Different sizes

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  2. Could you post a video of it in action, or go into more depth about the idea, such as if the blocks are solid or if they run on Armor Stands? Thanks.\


    Having some problems with it:


    Tried shrinking a tree. No luck.
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  3. I also found some problems. Chests, Enderchests, and more blocks are tilted slightly and look larger than the rest of the blocks. Also, many blocks are not working, such as sideways logs. Stairs also face the wrong way.
  4. The blocks probably are armor stands. Not sure if they create lag
  5. IF possible, I would highly recommend looking into trying to incorporate the methods utilized by BetterDrops to disable the nametags on the stands, in addition to making it only be client-side to prevent lag.

    Also, I have experienced the log "no texture" issue. Using git-Spigot-fdc1440-53fac9f (MC: 1.8.8)
  6. The nametags of the Armorstands are invisible by default. Might be another plugin that makes them visible again.
    Could you explain the "no texture issue" a bit more precise?
  7. I believe you're right, I think it's MobHealth doing it :\

    Same thing as Post #2, except only the Horizontal logs.
  8. @Exsudat please use the discussion to report problems before reviewing and be more specific than "it doesn't work".
  9. Is there planned 1.9/1.10 support? Thanks :)
  10. Sure, what doesn't work right now?