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API lib providing easy access to multiple block loggers and access controllers

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    BlocksHub - API lib providing easy access to multiple block loggers and access controllers

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  2. In the default config, I see the following section..

    Code (Text):
        - worldGuard
    I'm guessing this should be "access", with two 'c's?

    Also, is it possible to just make this plugin work on all worlds, as opposed to having to edit the config every time my world lineup changes?

    EDIT: the line here also has three 'c's.
  3. Ye it was a typo on my part I did not notice it :) I'll add regexp for world names
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  4. Might sound dumb, but does this also work with mining lasers in Tekkit? Because PRISM doesnt support them.
  5. This only works when a plugin interacts directly w. BlocksHub plugin.
  6. Support Residence please?
  7. Send me the link to the plugin then I'll look at it (no promises).
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  8. Glad to see this is still being updated! :)

    How about supporting GriefPrevention?
  9. Is it a logger or access control plugin?

    I update it when I get feature request.
  10. access control plugin.
  11. is this compatible with the current version of asyncworldedit and the dev builds it supports( seeing as worldedit changed it's api in the dev builds) as i would like async and coreprotect to work together.
  12. OK I'll look into it.

    Yes it is compatible w. the current versions of AsyncWorldEdit and MCPainter.
  13. OK, so will coreprotect hook into this plugin so I can rollback world edits with async?
  14. Also there is a new premium plugin called plotz and when it's done can you use it's api and hook it into this plugin?" Plotz is a gift from the heaven as someone actually makes a good plot plugin.
  15. Yes it should work out of the box. All you need to do is configure BlocksHub. Enable Coreprotect and select the worlds you want to log blocks in. Don't forget to enable blocks logging in AWE.

    I know the author of the plugin. He said its going to by compatible w. WorldEdit.