Spigot BlocksHub v3.2.1

API lib providing easy access to multiple block loggers and access controllers

  1. @SB_prime I've updated the github issue and others have added to it, do you have any insights as to the progress regarding this? I think Factions had its API changed (or practically removed) so I believe it broke in relation to that, but I haven't checked so I'm unsure.
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  2. How do i even set this up? I don't see a installation guide or does it work out of the box with coreprotect? :D
  3. Well if you want it to log (FastAsync)WorldEdit you should turn off the worldedit logger in the CoreProtect config (ironically) or it won't work. That's my experience at least.
  4. I still use this plugin. Thought I would mention that with the upcoming 1.13 update to Minecraft. Hope this and its related bridges will still work at that point.
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  5. This is what I can tell you at this point:
    * 100% that I'll check the plugin against 1.13
    * 100% that I'll do my best to make it compatible with 1.13 (includes a potential rewrite)
    * 70% that I'll make it 1.13+ and 1.13- compatible (spigot staff mentioned that 1.13 plugins WONT be backwards compatible)
    * 50% that I'll make it API compatible
    * 20% that all the bridges will be available in the newest version (some plugins are discontinued)
    * 90% that new bridges will be added
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  6. Legoman99573


    Mostly because block ids are no longer existant and have been deprecated since 1.7.10
  7. ppl need to stop worrying about backwards compatible and just upgrade their servers. they can add a plugin to make it like any previous version they like anyways.

    thanks for the response and the dedication to your very versatile plugin. I like it.
  8. 1.13 Compatibility
    This plugin is probably not compatible with minecraft 1.13 (and I'm almost 100% sure of this without testing). Because of that I decided to create a brand new version of the plugin v3.0 with a new API. The next release will probably be "bare" (API only, without any backends), please send me a list of backends that you would like to see in the full version.
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  9. SB_prime updated BlocksHub with a new update entry:

    v.3.0.0 - Spigot 1.13 support

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  10. nice plugin, thanks you!
  11. enterih


    What are your future plan?
  12. I'll add support for new backends. In the order of requested by the community.
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  13. Do you think you could add back support for Logblock? The Bukkit page isn't the most up to date, but the most recent changes on the CI server state that it now has full 1.13.2 compatibility.
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  14. I must have something set wrong in between Blockshub, WorldEdit, and Coreprotect.

    Code (Text):
    worldedit: false
    Code (Text):
          isEnabled: true
          isDcEnabled: false
          isEnabled: true
          isDcEnabled: false
          allowNull: false
          allowUnknown: true
          allowConsole: true
          allowOffline: false
    And in Blockshub I have
    Code (Text):
      version: 2
      disabledBridges: {}
    #    - CoreProtect
    What am I missing? Do I need to remove that # to enable logging for CoreProtect?
    #217 Swede, Nov 13, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  15. Yes remove it. The # is a comment in yaml.
  16. Thanks! For some reason I thought that would throw it onto the disabled list :oops:
  17. This looks like a mismatched version of blockshub and awe. Please send me the versions of those plugins:
    * WorldEdit
    * CoreProtect
    * BlocksHub