Bukkit BlockVersion [for ProtocolSupport] 1.2

This addon for ProtocolSupport can block defined versions to join the game.

  1. ghac submitted a new resource:

    BlockVersion [for ProtocolSupport] - This addon for ProtocolSupport can block defined versions to join the game.

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  2. Is there any way we can run this without ProtocolSupport?
  3. Is it possible for you to add a bypass permission? I don't want players joining with the wrong version, but if a rule-breaker is on I want staff to be able to get in.
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  4. You need to edit the config
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  5. @ghac, what are these protocols?
    Code (Text):
        MINECRAFT_LEGACY(-1, 0),
    21     UNKNOWN(-1);
    they are listed on the page of protocol names but what minecraft versions are those?
  6. how to block 1_8_9?
    mode: whitelist
    kickmessage: '&4The version you used is not supported on this server.'
    - MINECRAFT_1_8_9

    doesnt work
  7. That must be some kind of stuff ProtocolSupport uses internally. I don't exactly know as my plugin just uses the API.
  8. Please try the Blacklist Mode instead of the whitelist-mode.
  9. LEGACY is any version before oldest (ProtocolVersion.getOldest())
    FUTURE is any version after latest (ProtocolVersion.getLatest())
    You won't see those versions on login event, but you may see them on list ping event.
    UNKNOWN is returned when getting protocol version for no longer logged in player.
  10. So if I use LEGACY it will block all versions (or protocols) before 1.4.7?
    Also in the Protocol List, it only shows 1.7.5 and 1.7.7 (etc.). What about versions that are not listed?
  11. change whitelist to blacklist.
  12. now works
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  13. not works* xD
  14. Below 1.4.7 are not supported anyway, so they won't log in. But they may still ping server, and you may change data for them.
    Versions that are not listed share protocol id with some listed version, so it is not possible to detect which version is that actually. (For example 1.7.0-1.7.5, 1.7.6-1.7.10, 1.8-1.8.8)
  15. Ok. :D
  16. andrewkm

    Patron ⭐

    Do you have the github/source for this? @ghac
    As well do you have a Jenkins for this? (If not would you like one :)?)
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  17. I may upload the source to GitHub later this day, also I have an own jenkins :)
  18. @andrewkm Do you know a ProtocolSupport Maven repository?

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