Blocky Themes Megathread

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  1. With the official development release of Blocky, custom themes were implemented. If you have any custom themes that you would like to share with everyone then please post them here!

    Official Themes:
    Blocky Red (Default)

    I will be updating this thread when more official themes come out, and I will also be showcasing some community themes here as well.

    How to make a Theme
    The easiest way to make a theme is to download Blocky Red from the link above and then edit the .ini file (the theme file) to your liking.
    1. Once you have opened the file, you should change the name= value straight away. This is the formatted name that appears in the admin panel, so you can include spaces.
    2. Then you need to change the name of the file to the name of your theme that you set in Step 1, however it should be all lower case and with no spaces. For example, 'Blocky Red' becomes 'blockyred'.
    3. Now you can edit all of the colour values. Each customisable part of the site has two parts, the standard colour and the text colour. For example, the navbar has two values: 'nav' and 'nav:text'. 'nav' is used to control the background colour of the navbar, and 'nav:text' is used to control the colour of the text (and icons) in the navbar. For what colours you can use as background colours, please see this. Once you find a colour that you like, just get the text part of it, not the #xxxxxx part. For example, one of the yellows is '#fdd835 yellow darken-1', so you would put 'yellow darken-1' as the value.
      For text colours, you can use 'white-text' or 'black-text'.
    4. Once that is done, save your file into the themes folder. Then if you navigate to your Admin Panel, you should see your newly created theme in the dropdown.
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