Spigot BloodMoon 0.8

A BloodMoon shines every couple of nights

  1. Of course!
    I believe someone already talked about posting it on mcbbs before, but I am unsure if they actually did it.
  2. That would be an easy fix. I'll look into it
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  3. Thanks! I posted it to mcbbs> https://www.mcbbs.net/thread-973662-1-1.html
    And I marked your name on the top of this thread.
    Uh, It seems that I'm the first to post the resource? :LOL:
  4. why cant i add potato and carrot to mobs drop to reduce the chance of rare things like diamond? once id did that there will be error on console ?
  5. Any item from here should work
  6. Glimpse of what I've been working on in the last few days ;)

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  7. When I put "ThunderDuringBloodMoon: frue" in the configure, the thunderstorm starts RIGHT. The bloody moon appears only once every 30 days, but the storm turns on regularly. I tried to turn it off, but after a few seconds it resumes. When "ThunderDuringBloodMoon: false" is set, there is no such problem (I wrote it through a translator, so there may be errors)
  8. Hi, can you add when is bloodmoon the zombies can break doors?

    Thanks and nice plug in.
  9. Feature Request: Could you add an option where the time before a bloodmoon can be random (and possibly without any warning) please?
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  10. if player use /time set day, can bypass bloodmoon and they no have permission to use time set (Access denied) i try blocked with worldguard blocked cmds and too , can bypass bloodmoon.

    Version 1.15.2 last paperspigot
  11. Can you make it so that some commands like /spawn or /hub are disabled during Blood Moons?
  12. [04:31:25] [Server thread/INFO]: [BloodMoon] Enabling BloodMoon v0.6.2
    [04:31:25] [Server thread/INFO]: Warning: could not load item list!
    mob dont drop the items in the list, why is that?
  13. Hello! Can you add an option for the console to execute commands during the blood moon / when it starts / when it ends? Thanks!
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  14. I installed the plugin to my server but it's showing up red and not working. Am I missing something special to get it to work?
  15. SlimeDog

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    How can we tell what is missing, when we have no idea what's been done?
    Suggested useful diagnostic information:
    • Versions of Spigot and BloodMoon ("latest" is not a version)
    • Configuration file for the world of interest
    • Console/log errors
  16. I would like to leave some tips.
    - The sounds could be configurable, the sound of the ghost is much more sinister.
    - That could apply to the end and nether too.
    - Set to " " is desable msgs.

    Beautiful plugin <3
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  17. Some Suggestions

    First and foremost, just like most people here, I'd like to say that this an excellent plugin. That being said, there are a few suggestions I'd like to make which could probably put this over the top as the best Blood Moon option:

    • Ability to choose which mobs will spawn in a world during a Blood Moon
    What I mean by this is that all of the mobs are listed in the config for a world and you can choose true or false as to whether they spawn in that world for a Blood Moon event. This list should include all known hostile mobs from overworld and Nether. So you could turn on spawning Johnny, Illusioners, Invokers, Illagers, Wither Skeletons, etc. and give them abilities while potentially eliminating mobs that are common (Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers). By allowing this, the server can really make a Blood Moon event special. Doubly so if you allow Illusioners to be selected (they are a hidden mob). Obvious #Comment warning for enabling a Wither and Ghast in the Overworld (suggest having an anti-griefing mod installed to clean up the damage).

    Second reasoning - If you're underwater during a Blood Moon, then pretty much Drowned will be the only thing to spawn. So why not up the ante and have Guardians etc?
    • Mobs that can Ride Mounts
    Generally speaking, some mobs can spawn riding mounts. Skeletons on Skeleton Horses, Riding Spiders, and so on. Would be an interesting sub category to enable or disable in the Mob choosing category, along with chance of spawn etc. ​

    • Chance of Spawn
    On the individual ability to choose which mobs can spawn during a Blood Moon event, a variable to adjust the percentage chance of spawn. This will allow certain mobs to be "over powered" but not spawn as an entire army.​

    • Variable to choose whether the mob is normal or Giant sized. Again, a hidden MC option that I think still exists for some mobs.
    Most definitely want to keep this variable low chance of happening. Like 1% chance to be giant. But being a giant increases its health by ten.​
    • Individual Loot Tables for each Mob type
    Ability to define what each mob individually will drop versus a global loot table. For instance, maybe Wither Skeletons are more likely to drop Diamonds and Coal, and Phantoms are the only mob to drop Elytra? By making the loot table non-global, you can really focus in and make each mob unique for what they're likely to carry during a Blood Moon. ​

    • MythicMobs Support
    I know this one is probably a long shot, but it would still be really cool to see added. The ability to invent special mobs via MythicMobs and then have them spawn during a Blood Moon event.​

    • Blood Sacrifice Trigger
    Ok, so hear me out. What if a Blood Moon trigger wasn't preset on how many days passed and happened regularly, but had the option instead to be triggered by how many player deaths happened before it was triggered on the next night?

    Of course, the original regular days passed option could still be an option, but the option to instead use Blood Sacrifice as the trigger instead would be cool. That way every time a player on the server dies, it counts toward the Blood Sacrifice requirement to trigger a Blood Moon, and that number is a variable in the configuration for how many player deaths it takes to trigger a Blood Moon. Obviously, this sacrifice count is suspended *during* a Blood Moon event or else it'll go on forever.

    I'd suggest an option as to whether mob deaths (hostile and otherwise) should also count toward the Blood Sacrifice.
    Variable used more for hardcore servers - Just Player Deaths, Player + Hostile, ALL (save the animals) as Blood Sacrifice​

    • Blood Moon Altar
    This is kind of an interesting long shot idea but goes with the prior Blood Sacrifice Trigger. So, what if there was a way to build an altar in the world where players could find out how close a Blood Moon is and (likewise) give an offering to stave off or cancel the Blood Sacrifice? Not sure how this would be done, but maybe a block combination (altar) that when right clicked will open a GUI where the player could drop items in and make the offering, and the items offered can have a weight table in the config (defined by OP) so maybe it wants Diamonds, Emeralds, and every 5 diamonds equals one erased death from the Blood Sacrifice? In the GUI itself it would say how many sacrifices were made (deaths), and how many left before a Blood Moon is triggered. By giving offerings to the altar, we can erase the deaths of the Blood Sacrifice and appease whatever evil is going on.

    If not for a little while, at least.

    Additionally, the option for the Altar to "Reject" the offering if it isn't an item it wants, whereby every attempt to offer bad items will add to the Blood Sacrifice instead of reduce it (Don't insult the evil).

    Possible Altar combos: Magma Block (or Soul Sand) + Red Nether Brick (Mama Block (Soul Sand) Bottom, Red Nether Brick on Top). Surrounding decoration shouldn't mess with the altar combo (long as it sees a Magma Block or Soul Sand with a Red Netherbrick on it, its an "altar")
    • Villager Immunity
    Just a toggle variable as to whether Villagers should treat a Blood Moon the same as a Pillager Raid: Ring the bell, everyone goes inside and hides till it's over. Not triggering the Hero of the Village achievement, however.

  18. Any options for the mob spawners? Farms are becoming OP.
  19. $d seems to be counting up to a bloodmoon instead of counting down. I am on paper 1.15.2.
  20. After I installed Bloodmoon, people can sleep in the bed to make it daytime. This also have made it possible in other worlds (with multiverse) to sleep to make it daytime. How do I disable that?