Spigot BloodMoon 0.8

A BloodMoon shines every couple of nights

  1. you can try add a variable for check if player hit any bloodmoon mobs to drop reward

    golem farm ruin this plugin

    and not send horde to cave players (horde spawn at overworld) not on player pos.

    count players online for send more horde or less
  2. Yes there is. It's in the config.yml file in the BloodMoon folder. Look for the option it's easy to find.
  3. would be nice to differentiate drop lists for bosses and regular horde spawns so one could make boss drops more rewarding.
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  4. Time in days is broken, when values are custom.

    Next, when I use player worlds plugin and have so many worlds, I can't disable it in them because every world has it's own folder and I can't set default settings anyhow...
  5. I had to remove the plugin from my server due to an error that a user reported to me. Every time he executed the command / sun or / time set day, even though he did not have permission to execute that command, the bloodmoon was advanced.
  6. hey , this plugin only works with main worlds right ? so no nether and/or end? also can i use this as an api? so i can get in spigot informations like when the next bloodmoon is and if one is currently there? wanna use that for my own plugin to advance it a bit thanks for reply!
  7. Yes other plugins like SinglePlayerSleep have tied into this plugin. The author does not care.
  8. Hello, thank you for the amazing plugin, but I have a problem with it.
    So I was using the VariableTime plugin to alter the night's duration. I used it even before adding this BloodMoon plugin. At first, the plugin works well, as such that we were slaughtered throughout the night. We all love this. But after changing the duration of the night, the plugin fails to work. It just stuck on the same day (e.g: /bloodmoon show only shows 8 days remaining for several in-game days). I have tried:

    1) Restarting server
    2) Remove, restart server, stop server, Re-add the plugin
    3) Change the duration of night back to when it works
    4) Wait patiently

    There is no crash log in the console either.
  9. Hi, I would like to suggest adding placeholders, that shows the remaining time before the next Blood Moon.
  10. Is there a reason why I can run the bloodmoon start <world> from console but I can’t using command blocks?
  11. A little suggestion for future releases.
    Currently I have people in my server using mob-farms or traps to grind for loot. Is there a way to let people do an x amount of damage to an mob before they drop any loot. For example players need to do 70% or 90% damage to get a chance for loot dropping.

    Besides that I really love this plugin, wish I could add speed potion buff to creepers or some fire resist to mobs though. Unless I miss something personally in the configs.
    Keep up the goodwork! (y)
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  12. This plugin is really great, but it's easily farmable. My players just build holes in the ground and lure all the mobs into it, or they just hide inside. This could be fixed by adding creepers that explode if their path towards the player is blocked. A simple addon, but an effective one.
  13. Is there any way that this plugin won't affect spawner drops?
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  14. Blood Moon MOB buried in the ground and died
  15. Spawners still drop loot mobs even thought turned off..
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  16. the plugin is gorgeous, one question, how can I add Electric Creeper?
  17. Is there a way to turn off the "loading"bar at the screen top?

    #The percent chance of an item dropping is equal to [item weight] / [total weight] * 100

    I trying to understand how the Formula works.
    Is it that the "Total Weight" is the sum of ALL the listed Item Weights?

    - "IRON_INGOT:3:10"
    - "GOLD_INGOT:3:10"
    - "DIAMOND:1:10"

    Each item in the list above has, 10+10+10 = 30, 10/30, or 1/3 or 33.333% chance of dropping?

    GREAT PLUGIN BTW!!:love:(y)
  19. i have the same question
  20. Is there a way to config it so the bloodmoon doesnt detect players in vanish?