Spigot Bloodmoon [Spigot 1.8.8] 0.55

This plugin will add a blood moon event to your server, each night has a configurable chance ....

  1. i'm just happy your all still working on this, keep up the great work, this plugin rocks!
  2. Good to hear this is still being worked on. Bravo! :) Thankyou.
  3. I'm excited about the 1.9 update. This is the last plugin I need for me to get my server fully 1.9 updated :D
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  4. keep on the good work :)
  5. waiting for the 1.9 XD
    I need it XD
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  6. Yes!!!!! Thank you I was waiting for this, I dont know how I didnt notice it earlier. Its working for me.

    Edit: Using 1.9.2
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  7. tried the Beta build but it refuses to work for me is this up to date for 1.9.4?
  8. I don't think it works for 1.9.4 :(
  9. awh :( was looking forward to it being in my private server, i guess ill just have to wait for an update to make it compaible with 1.9.4 :D it looks awesome so cant wai to try it out.
  10. Well, I wouldn't get your hopes up any time soon with an update. It would surprise me if the author gets an update out within the next couple of weeks =)
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  11. Made me look like the douche xD Thanks for the update
  12. Actually you unspired me to do it. However it was an easy update since not much changed. The most difficult updates are 1.7 -> 1.8 -> 1.9
  13. Dude you are awesome i cant wait to have this installed now :D
  14. Uninspired or inspired? If I uninspired you that wasn't my intentions D; Just wasn't expecting an update any time soon considering you're busy
  15. inspired :p
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