Spigot Bloodmoon [Spigot 1.8.8] 0.55

This plugin will add a blood moon event to your server, each night has a configurable chance ....

  1. sweet a 1.9.4 build thank you so much for your hard work samistine your awesome.
  2. hey there looks cool, before i download is there a option to add where the blood moon happens if not please add SOON ! e.g
    in world: world
    world: world_the_nether
  3. yea it has that
  4. welp crud, now we just need a 1.10 build. thanks for the work so far though!
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  5. I know this is gonna sound really random, but is there a way I could get the 1.7.10 version?
  6. I believe the original author made a version for that version. Go check on bukkit dev
  7. any idea on a 1.10 update? i know u like just finished the 1.9 update so its understandable if its gonna take awhile, just really love this plugin and don't wanna update to 1.10 till i know we can have bloodmoons!.
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  8. Would love to see a 1.10 build!
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  9. It has now gone over a year without any update, can you @Samistine at least give us some kind of info?

    Are you (or any one else) planning to develop this plugin further, or is the plugin "dead"?

    I would really appreciate an answer! Have a nice day,
  10. I don't plan on updating this. I'm still on 1.8
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  11. Doesn't work on 1.10.

  12. AngelRani


    Please read previous replies before posting.
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  13. this is a awesome resource ill be sure to keep a eye on it Hopefully it wont stay dead forever
  14. This is a perfect plugin, and if you can upgrade it to 1.10, that's great
  15. Is there a version of this or something similar for 1.10+?
  17. Hi this seems a wonderful plugin!

    Do you think mobs would break blocks inside worldguard and feudal protected regions/claims?