Spigot Bloodmoonier 1.0

This plugin will add a blood moon event to your server.

  1. YOu should add an upate so that a blood moon has a certain amount of chance of forming (configurable too). :D
  2. I'm not 100% sure what you mean but if you mean a configurable % chance of happening that's already in there at the top of the config

  3. oh, wow, i did not see that xD, my bad.
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  4. Enabled texture packs on there it downloads texture pack but moon doesn't turn red.
  5. When I have the plugin installed, naturally spawned skeletons do not do damage, no matter what.
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  6. An Update....

    The new version has been started. The current version I released was simply the slightly buggy 1.8 version of Bloodmoon updated to work on 1.11.2 - no bug fixes.

    The next step which has started is a total recode of this plugin, bug fixes, new features (some cool GUI stuff) and full 1.9 - 1.11 mob support. This is probably going to take a few weeks but I will release it in a couple steps so you guys can help me test it!

    Keep watch!
  7. One question... Does the OP Notch and DeOp Notch actually do anything ?
  8. This will sound weird, lol, but does this generate dungeon like structures? I ran into this since Ive had this on? Never seen it before unless another plugin did it, or its something in MC I dont know about? Like a 4 lvl square with with monster spawners on each level then 4 big chests at the bottom?
  9. It does and you can disable this in the config, it's near the bottom.
  10. I turned that on the other day and it pretty much weird ed out my server. Here is one of the images from a player:

    I did happen to find one of the dungeons it created - just by stroke of luck though and it is a nice feature... but I had to remove the jar for it to stop this. Luckily the dungeon is off my default.

    I am looking forward to someone fixing this in the entirety, I am wanting to put it back on my server asap :)

    Thank you.
  11. a complete 1.11.2 recode / bug fix is underway and has been for the past week so keep an eye out here for the update!
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  12. Can you remake this for 1.8 Spigot? I get so many errors. A new improved version would amazing :)
  13. Hello!
    I am having the same issue as above.
    All skeletons do no damage, even during the Bloodmoon event.

    I love this mod! A fix for this would be wonderful!
  14. Same also, the skeletons just push you back, no actual damage done. Thought it was just me. We ran it on our other server and same thing.
  15. There is a problem with this and Citizens.

    Install Citizens & Bloodmoonier.
    Create any NPC (Needs to be a mob) Example: Villager

    Once you run that command, you will be booted off the server with a netty error and no way of rejoining unless the NPC is cleared.

    I'm running PaperSpigot 1.11.
  16. Any updates on the recoding? Many players are asking for this!
  17. Correcting the skeleton bug would make this plugin so great!
  18. Update 1.12 Please.
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