Universal BloodPremium [Paid] 1.3.1

A very customizable blood plugin, edit each bloodtype for each mob!

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    BloodPremium - A very customizable blood plugin, edit each bloodtype for each mob!

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  2. $10 for this? No way. Too expensive.
  3. Exactly no points to buy it...
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  4. If you're looking to make some sales, I would suggest telling us a little more about the resource and possibly adding some screenshots.
  5. How about providing a test server to see what I'd be paying for.
  6. I'm not actually looking to buy; I was just giving you some advice to increase your sales. Most buyers would like to see some screenshots and also the more professional the plugin and post looks the greater the impact on the potential viewer/buyer.
  7. There are many/better blood plugins for free.
  8. There's people like you in the world that hate on people. Good job :)
  9. Snd there is no hate in that sentence at at :)
  10. Sup, how many effects (Block Breaks) can you add to an entity, because like I see on the screen shot, you have two types for block breaks (Redstone block and redstone) explanations ?

    I will buy this plugin, but if I see you didn't make it youself or it's like other bullshit blood plugins I'll get my money back, even if you wont, just, you need to know who you messing wiht, because sometimes kids sell other's plugins and tell it's the best plugin ever, blood plugins are Free, not for sale, By the orginial scence of Bukkit...

    I confirm this plugin sucks, It's another original blood plugin
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