Spigot BlueHolo 1.1

Holograms on your dropped items

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    BlueHolo - Holograms on your dropped items

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  2. doesn't seem to work :p
  3. Does the plugin load? any errors on the startup log?
    try dropping an item that's been renamed.
  4. plugin loads and works fine, but theres some big issues. The items mess up. If i had 20 diamonds before the plugin was loaded, then collect 20 more after, the stacks dont stack. Theyre seperate. The diamonds that i mine after the plugin is in also arent working in sell signs. I'm not sure why, but the items are registering as a special diamond and dont stack or sell normally.
  5. That's really odd, works fine on my server,
    What version of minecraft is your server running?
  6. im running paperspigot 1.11.2
    The issue started when i got this plugin and stopped when i removed it. Thats the only reason i believe this to be the cause
  7. What does the startup log say? I'll try and fix it when I get back home