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[BlueMap Addon] SkinsRestorer and CustomSkinsManager player selected skins supported

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    BlueMap Skins - [BlueMap Addon] SkinsRestorer player selected skins supported

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  2. Not working for some reason :/
    I'm using skinsrestorer 14.0.0 on bungeecord mode and bluemap 1.3.1 on a reverse proxy with NGINX this could be the problem.

    I mean, Mojang skins do work on the map, but not skinsrestorer ones for those who changed them.

    Already tried deleating cache from browser and using other browsers.
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  3. Hey could you dm me on discord otDan#0001 with the map link?
  4. Please check out the new update there was a skin change delay that I did not account for.
  5. After multiple tests and update to SkinsRestorer 14.0.1 and BlueMapSkins 1.1 I realised the issue was with SkinsRestorer in bungee mode. Adding the bungee override file named "disableBungeeMode" made it run locally on each server and solved all issues. The skins are now refreshed on the map almost instantly. Now to wait for a SkinRestorer update to fix bungee mode :/

    Anyway, thanks very much for the help, your plugin is awesome :)
  6. Add changeskin support please! :)