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Build Structures with a single block

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    Blueprinter - Build Structures with a single block

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  2. Just a thing i would add if i knew how to, is a way to save schematics. With like world edit, then have it where your players can place those schematics in the form of a block. Same idea just with saving schematics, if you know what i mean
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  3. Yes, I considered this and have some plans for future releases. To stand out, I still want the material swapping UI with Construction receipts, which is hard to get right with cloned areas. I think I will have a "build mode" in which the player indicates which block group they are placing and when they are all done. That way, I can still give a Construction receipt which allows players to swap out material groups after construction.My next project is going to be drones with massive AI, but I'll circle back to this in a few weeks. Stay tuned :)
  4. Guten Tag,its possible using on 1.7.10 ?? :c i need this
  5. Ich kann's mal versuchen, aber ich werde keinen Computer bis Montag haben.
  6. i can wait :) pls try if u made idk (im so happy)
  7. Here is the deal. I spent about an hour making everything compile since there is no maven repo for spigot 1.7.10. I was pretty happy when it all compiled. Then I started testing .... Bad news. I use some reflection libraries to store the actual Layout information in the placed blocks and I also store NBT data in the construction receipts. The reflection libraries have been pretty stable lately, but they are totally out of sync for stuff as far back as 1.7.10. So I got tons of runtime errors, and suffice it to say..it is not working.

    I am willing to make you a special new plugin that is like Blueprinter. The caveats will be that the layout will always be directly tied to what is in your config at the moment the block is placed (i.e. if you define a layout in the config and then build a cobble-stone-house block and then change the layout before the block is placed, the outcome will reflect whatever is in the config file at the moment the block is placed, not the moment it is crafted.) Another caveat is that I will not immediately support construction receipts (as that would have to be data saved in files on the server since I can't use NBT data).

    Now, I am not sure how much of that you understand, but let me know if you have any questions and if you are still are interested. If you are interested, I will work on this. I can't promise fast delivery as I am prepping for a move to Germany, but I will do what I can when I can.
  8. Its free or i need pay ?
  9. Well, paying would certainly make me work on this much faster, but it is not necessary.
  10. do u have qiwi or webmoney wallet ? :D or visa card
    i from russia idk how using paypal but i have account :D
  11. I do not have any of those things, but I would be willing to set something up if you gave me some details about what you are willing to pay. For example, what are you willing to pay for a version with no construction receipt? How much more for a version with construction receipts? How soon would you expect delivery, etc?

    Keep in mind that I make a very good living as a professional Java developer, so it is unlikely that you will actually be able to inspire me with money, but I am willing to listen to your offer. All things considered, I will implement this stuff for free, but again, it wont be for several weeks.
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  12. will this work for 1.13?
  13. I am not sure. I only use the Spigot APIs (i.e. no reflection), so it should. But I will make a build with the 1.13 Spigot versions in the next week, as I finally took vacation from work for 2 full weeks.
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  14. thats awesome! thanks so much for looking into this and updating it

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