Solved Bob the Builder changed the title because it was Solved

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  1. Sorry Bob the Builder took this away because it was solved
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  2. Have you removed a section of your config file? Try resetting it and trying again (delete file and restart server).
  3. Wont that mean I lose all the Coupons I have made?
  4. Yes, so create a back-up folder and cut/paste your current files in there for later reference. I didn't mention backing anything up previously, because there's clearly an error with your config, and just pasting your old one back in a fresh file does nothing.
  5. I have done what you said now how can I get my old coupons back
  6. If you've backed them up, paste ONLY the text (don't edit any fields or quotations) for each coupon into your new file. Make sure that you do it bit-by-bit (restart your server for every coupon you edit) to narrow down any recurring errors.
  7. It would seem to be fixed
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  8. lol what even...?
  9. Whats so funny?