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  1. Very neat plugin I must say.
  2. Dont mean to bother you and bring this back up but a config for the rest of the GUI so my resource pack doesn't make it look all funny?
  3. I am unable to edit the config at all. When I make changes to it and restart the server it resets like nothing happened. This is really frustrating me. I also am not liking that you can't use "&" as a color code symbol but instead are forced to use "$" it's quite confusing. The same thing is happening with your ConnectFour plugin.

    Please help me. <3

    I edited the config while the server was offline and that seemed to worked. I would like to be able to edit it and then use /bombsweeper reload while the server is online.
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  4. This looks really good! I'm wondering though if there is a way to trigger the GUI to start for someone else? Basically I would love a command that says: /minesweeper Player2
    I tried using the execute command, but that was not working.
  5. Have you tried a sudo command on a player? :)
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  6. Great! That worked. Thanks.
  7. Is there a way to force-close the game after one game? Or have lose events?
  8. Can you expand more on what you mean? Thanks :)
  9. I'm looking at using bombsweeper as a sort of repeatable miniquest on a survival server. I have it set up so that players don't open the game themselves, they do it through talking with an NPC. When they win, the NPC gives them a prize. I'm using Betonquest, and I've got a set-up so that they get three prizes and then after that they can't get any more until the next day. I use the win commands to open up a betonquest conversation as soon as the player wins, but they still have the board open and could potentially play multiple games before realizing that the NPC is trying to talk to them. I'm wondering if there is a way in which I could get it so that if they win, the game closes, they talk to the NPC and then the NPC could reopen it again if they want.
  10. Have you tried teleporting a player to themself? That should force close the game
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