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  1. So I was wondering if there is a way to make a skript similar to the hypixel server's nick book. So if you type /nick it would bring up a book gui and it will say the ranks on my server and you could click them then it would give you the rank. But after that it will show another book gui saying what name you want. If anyone could tell me how to do this it would be great thanks so much. :D
  2. Looks like no one ever wants to reply to my stuff now ;-;
  3. works on 1.11.2, probably should work on 1.12 too, unless you are like 1.13?
  4. Well I run a 1.8 server but is compatible with all versions so..
  5. Is there any way of like I can just make a book and have a command attached to it for /nick then it will open a book but you can pick which rank you would like and it can run 2 commands? Then it will open another book saying what name you would like and you would be able to type it somehow then it could run the command with essentials? Idk im not sure with this lol.
  6. Well for essentials nick it would be easy. To change the players in game name, skin, look everywhere would require a java plugin to make it efficient and useful. You could try BetterNick with the Hypixel Nick Addon (google it if you want it, i'm not doing the work for you).
  7. Ok I can use this method but, I was trying to see if I could make my own with skript just because it is light weight for my server and I have searched for a long time to find a good hypixel nick plugin. Also are you saying that there is a hypixel nick addon plugin or I have to ask someone to make it because I have searched for that already?
  8. Skript is not good for these types of things and you won't find a Script for this when it is much more efficient and feasible to do in Java and has already been done.
  9. Yeah I understand my server can probably run it but trust me I am horrible at java unless you are talking about just java plugins already made xD
  10. Actually, I think this sounds doable in skript, theres just 2 simple things itd have to do. I dont know if theyre options in skript, but I hope they are...

    You could do the 'rank' by setting a pex pre/suffix, so one command issued from the console.
    And spigot has a built in nick system, the displayName methods in Player. I assume you could set that with skript?

    So in the end skript would just have to handle 1 command and 2 GUIs, after that just set those two things and be done?

    I never wrote anything in skript, I could be horribly wrong, but seeing as there are whole minigames in that shit language this seems very doable. Of course its less efficient, but it should not be a thing issued a lot, so it sounds fine to me.
  11. Yeah I would think it would be doable also but just not exactly sure how to so..
  12. Thats the fun of programming. Whether it be Java, C, PHP, Lua, or even Skript, you have to figure out how to create something. Think of the points you have, the start, finish, and steps in between, then find some functions of the language of choice to accomplish the start and the end... If you can find those it's just throwing them together in a nice way that makes sense.
    Or I guess you could hire someone to do it in java, thisd be a super simple plugin :p
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  13. Yeah I would hire somebody but I already have been paying a lot of plugins so I thought I would try to do my own.
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