Spigot BookNotification | [1.8-1.14] 0.1.7

Custom Book Notification when joining the server

  1. @Phloxz is that possible to execute commands on the json support?

    I would like to make rpg-dialogs
    1-"show a text"
    2- if player click on the text "yes, i wish to kill them all"
    \--> "show a text telling him where to go"
    3- if player click on the test "no, i am afraid of it"
    \--> "teleport the player back to spawn"

    Basicaly, can i execute console commands trough the books ?
  2. Yes you can, json is supported
  3. Awesome plugin! Can you add posibility to open DIFFERENT guis by command? for example /bf open <bookname>
  4. @Phloxz Good job but when users join not open book automatic
  5. have you enabled the join notification in the config of the plugin?
  6. Yes and not enable permissions
    JoinNotificationEnabled: true
  7. Do you have anything that modifies the inventory after joining? If yes, set the "Delay" to a higher value in the config
  8. I haven't plugin that modifies inventory but try with delay 3 and not work yet.

    Code (Text):
    Prefix: '&7[&cBookNotification&7] '
    JoinDelaySeconds: 5
    Cooldown: 5
    PermissionsEnabled: false
    JoinNotificationEnabled: true
    JoinNotificationByPassEnabled: true
    JoinNotificationByPassPermission: booknotification.bypass
      - whattasap
      - whattasap
      - whattasap
      - whattasap
      - whattasap
      - whattasap
    My plugins:
  9. Which spigot Version have you played on?
  10. 1.8.8 and las upodate of booknotification
  11. seems like you are opped on your server, you still have "JoinNotificationByPassEnabled" enabled ( true ) that means, if you have the permission named below that path, you will skip the book, set "JoinNotificationByPassEnabled" to false and you will be good
  12. Sir, it work great on non Authentication servers, but its not work on authentication server, if I edit JoinDelaySeconds it only work in some uncertain condition, I use Authme plugin. The idea is: it can bypass Authentication system and show the book to player onjoin.
  13. JSON doesn't appear to be working correctly. Whenever a player joins, the JSON is automatically printed onto the page and not interpreted by the plugin.
  14. Then your json Format is incorrect, json won't be Converted If there's Something wrong with it
  15. a serious bug here:
    when send a book to someone, and that person quickly push Q to throw that book out, and pick up again, he will get the book forever. can you fix that?

    and another advice:
    can you replace the book's item-name "BookNotification" and make it customizable?
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