Spigot BookQuest 1.1

Open your own book with simple command!

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    BookQuest - Open your own book with simple command!

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  2. สวัสดีคนไทย ขอ 1.8 หน่อย .-.
  3. @chaiyawat008 1.8 ไม่ support ครับ จะ support 1.8.3 ขึ้นไป
    (This plugin isn't supported on v1.8 but it supported on 1.8.3++)
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  4. /bookquest open [bookname] Can you add one such order?:)
  5. So this supports hover commands inside books?
  6. @Swiftlicious It's not supported in this version. but I have a plan to do it in the next.
    #7 chunza2542, Jun 5, 2017
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  7. @924405813 Did u mean the command that can type by a player? ok, see u next update. haha
  8. Hi~ I think this plugin is pretty good! But I have two question.
    One is can it give player an entity book? It can only use commands now.
    Another is can you add posibility to click on words and execute commands? Could you still update it?

    At last, you said that this plugin can hook with NPC Command. But it can't let the player who click this NPC open book. There is no command mean %player%
    Thank you !
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  9. I am very happy, this plug-in can support 1.8, and it works very nice, I have asked my friend recommended this plug-in, before long, I believe, they will know you
    But, I have a question
    If the plugin can support another new command, for example, / bookquest open template:),(can need not enter the player ID)
    the player who enter the command will open the GUI

    I did this to the player to join the game when the gui is automatically opened
  10. amazing plugin,but could it support 1.12?I really need it