Booscooldowns help!

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  1. Hey, can this plugin create custom commands with specific message if so, can you help me? I am trying to create a new command /website that when entered by a player it says a specific message, i don't want it to do anything i just want the player to receive a message from that command.

    So, the command /website should send the player a message that says: Website: Link.
    You know? a simple command but i can;t get it to work.

    I know the plugin already has an exmaple of this:
    Code (Text):
            message: You just used /test!
            itemcost: STONE,10
            xpcost: 6
    but even if i use the /test command in game. A message pops up saying unknown command.?! help?
  2. iMC


  3. Yep I recommend using my command if you need help configuring it, just pm me
  4. boos doesnt work like that unless you add /test to an alias down below.
  5. You could also use This

    This shows you how to make a command