Spigot Boost | Unique new minigame (1.12 - 1.18.2) 1.19.2

Minigame - Boost others off their platforms to win.

  1. This plugin can support bungee mode?
  2. Please explain what you mean more blank826.
    This plugin doesn't interact with bungee, but you can certainly run a server with Boost installed on a bungee network with other servers.
  3. Ok.
  4. pmme updated Boost | Unique new minigame (1.12 - 1.16.3) with a new update entry:

    1.12.0 - Player GUI & Parkour race

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  5. Where do the players go if they fall off the platform?lobby?
  6. Do you mean in the play-test server?
    If so, into the abyss!
    But you can use /spawn to return to the main lobby platform.

    If you're in a game and you fall you'll hit the ground level at which point you will have lost that game.
  7. ok and there are no teams right its all individual?
  8. Yes, currently individual. A friend has suggested teams, which I'm considering, but no plan yet on when I may add teams.

    To explain more about falling:
    If a player falls from a lobby in your own server build then where a player goes is entirely up to you. I built my test server in a void world, so players who jump off the lobby will just continue to fall until they do /spawn or until a game they're queued in starts.

    If players fall from a platform while they're playing a game then, when they reach the designated "ground" level, they lose. At that point they are automatically put into spectator mode and can fly around freely and through walls until the game ends. Spectators can leave their game at any time before it finishes if they don't want to wait to see who wins.
  9. Ok and a few last things when a player joins a game their inventory gets cleared right?and when they leave the game or game is over they have their items back?
    and when i set the ceiling that whole y level is the ceiling right?(same for the ground)
  10. If you have the plugin on the same server as game modes, e.g. survival, then you will want to keep Boost in its own world.
    You should then use Multiverse Inventories to control the inventory groups so that the inventory from the other game mode is kept safe. The Boost plugin does not attempt to save and restore inventories itself. This is not necessary as Multiverse Inventories (or other plugins) are completely suitable for this. Inside the "boost world" a player will be given Boost specific inventory items at various stages, like in the lobby or in a game.

    If you configure a game to have a ceiling then you are setting a Y value as the ceiling. The first player that climbs high enough in your arena to reach that ceiling level will win that game. You can check two different examples of using a ceiling in arenas 5 and 6 on the Boost play-test server, at pmme.apexmc.co
  11. No problem. Happy to answer questions.
    Note that if you have multiple arenas in one world, each has its own configuration for ground and/or ceiling. The settings for one arena do not affect any other arena. You are free to make each arena different from the others, even if they're on the same server in the same world.
  12. ill probably use another world for another arena jus to be safe
  13. There's really no benefit to that unless you wanted different environments like overworld, nether, void, flat,...
  14. i have configured a game but im not able to play it when i click the sign to join a game it says that the game is stopped when i start the gane and then try joining the game it says that the you cant join a game because its already running even when i run the join command i cant join the game pls help
  15. Hi Arctic, just a simple step missing. You need to set the game queuing. Then you can join inin the countdown to start.
    When you're ready for your players to get in, set it to auto queue. Then it will start queuing automatically after server restarts and after someone wins.
  16. Yup thanks it worked! and how do i reduce the power with which players are boosted when they stem on boost blocks?
  17. You can change the power in the 'physics' settings in config.yml in your plugins\boost directory.

    The block you need to find look like this:


    vertical_velocity: 2.0

    max_horizontal_velocity: 2.5

    min_horizontal_velocity: 0.1

    block_hit_horizontal_velocity: 2.5

    target_box_width: 3

    target_box_height: 2
    cooldown: 500

    If your server is running while you change them then it's safe to use "/boost reload" to reload the config.yml file (or any other of the Boost configuration files).

    Stepping on a Boost-block uses block_hit_horizontal_velocity, the same power setting that's used when you aim and hit the block under someone when using a Boost-stick.
    I could make an update sometime to separate the two so that the two actions are configured independently.
    That would be an easy change in the code.

    Also I plan to add commands to change those settings. Currently all the configuration commands are for setting up arenas with spawn points and behaviour, not the physics.

  18. Hi! Is there somewhere I could find the world download for the map used on the test server? It would save me and alot of people alot of time building maps.