Spigot BoostPads 1.0

That's boost-tastic!

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    BoostPads - That's boost-tastic!

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  2. You forgot to list that you need to have the
    Code (Text):
    permission to place the signs ;) Otherwise, great plugin, we're using it on the server at our spawn!
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  3. Thanks for the hint! Permission is now in the description :)
  4. Is this like bouncysponge or should I try it?
  5. Give it a try! Feel like on the hive server or control the direction the player is flying into :)
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  6. I found a bug. Values can't be higher than 4 but you can do -100 (I think that should be limited to -4 too?).
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  7. This plugin still throws some errors but appears to still work perfectly in 1.12 through 1.16.1. We've used this for jumppads on our server for a while now and never had any problems from the errors that are thrown so they do not seem to have any impact.