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  1. I am wondering if anyone can help me find a Boss Mob plugin.
    I want the boss mob to be able to be spawned with an egg and the mob is a mini zombie, everytime you hit the mini zombie items drop that can be set in a config, you can only hit the mini zombie 8 times and that equals 8 different items. In the config it has the option of settings chances for which items drop.

    Example: You hit the zombie and items drop from it and you are able to hit it 8 times until it dies

    Kinda like Cosmics boss mobs
  2. Bump I need this type of plugin too
  3. MythicMobs (Still updated I think) or EpicBoss (No longer updated, I might take the plugin, not sure)

    Best boss plugins out there I think.
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  4. make this plugins plz anyone
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