1.8.8 BossBar creation 1.8.8

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  1. So, there are many BossBarAPIs out there, but almost every API i found spawned a enderdragon wich you could eventually see. Hyp1xel and M1neplex for example have a invisible wither teleporting right where you looking, just i think in a 50 blocks distance. As im not sure atm to calculate this and to (maybe) help others, im asking here for help
  2. You're creating your own plugin, right? If you're encountering issues I am willing to help implementing a bossbar on you own, without making use of api's. Ive been using the bossbar in my navigating plugin. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. je doing my own plugin
  4. Goto my plugin page and get the Discord link. You can make a ticket and we're having our private chat :)
  5. What do you want the ender dragon to be invisible?
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  6. No need to solve it on Discord. Please use the forum.
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  7. a wither wich is always teleporting in front of the Player
    invisible of course
  8. Can you show me a screenshot of what it looks like?
  9. just go to hypixel in lobby/minigame, the wither is always in front of you
  10. so there is no solution yet, as Tooni only know how to do that in 1.9-x, but not 1.8.8
  11. If you don't want to use an API, then look for a NMS tutorial (bossbar specifically)
  12. There are solutions for 6-7 years now. Just use them by upgrading to an up to date Minecraft version.
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  13. Even making the bossbar with nms doesn't give me a solution.
  14. w
    what do you mean "doesn't give ME a solution"? I addressed that message to the OP.