Spigot BossBar-Spigot / FREE BOSSBAR PLUGIN! 4.5

Make your own BossBar with this plugin!

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    BossBar-Spigot - Make your own BossBar with this plugin!

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  2. Thank you for taking your time to code this plugin! It's amazing. :D
  3. Thanks for your compliment! :D
  4. Nice feature to add:
    - Broadcast (It will show a message for a time and then it will go back to the default message(s) - /bb broadcast <Length with s or m behind it> <Message>) )
    - Animations. You can setup more messages and then it will scroll thru the messages.
    - Fix that colorcodes work. I can't use colorcodes...

    And you made a typo in the config file (Makde).
  5. Check the home page you can see by comming soon all of the things so colorcodes and broadcast is already but animations i will add ;)
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  6. @Dutchwilco Should be a way to disable the automatic chat messages, I just want to use this plugin for the bossbar, not the broadcasts. Keeping them as '' just makes the plugin send empty chat messages.
  7. Sorry for a late reaction but i was inactive for school. Soon i wil fix this if you stay use it
  8. Hello i found this bug on spigot 1.11.2 version
    My config on spanish