Spigot BossbarLib 1.0.1

A simple, clean, and performant bossbar library.

  1. TigerHix


    TigerHix submitted a new resource:

    BossbarLib - A simple, clean, and performant bossbar library.

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  2. TigerHix


    Hope to release more developer resources extracted from my previous minigames soon. ;)

    Would you guys be interested in a non-flickering scoreboard with a maximum of 48 characters per line? Or a per-player based NametagEdit? Let me know.
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  3. A 48 characters non-flickering Scoreboard API would be interesting. Can you please release it? :)
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  4. TigerHix


    Sure! Would release it this weekend.
  5. TigerHix


    Released. Faster than I thought!
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  6. Hmm when I add this to my pom.xml I get errors with the spigot repository when building.
  7. Here is my error when compiling with maven: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org:spigotmc.api:jar:1.8.8, org:spigotmc:jar:1.8.8: Failure to find org:spigotmc.api:jar:1.8.8 in https://hub.spigotmc.org/nexus/content/repositories/snapshots/

    I can compile the plugin without depending on this plugin, but as soon as I add the dependency, this happens.
  8. TigerHix


    You need to add a repository where spigot jars are available :)