Spigot Bosses 0.41

Kill custom made bosses in your server

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    Bosses - Kill custom made bosses in your server

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  2. Can you add more customization?
  3. yes of course! Just tell me what to add and I'll get to work. And if it gets popular I'll make polls on the most requested things.
  4. Custom attacks such as potion effect attacks, eggs to give to donators
  5. Interesting plugin. I recommend adding a way to use the Boss Bar for the boss HP, and support and customization for all hostile mobs. Are there special drops for killing a boss?
  6. custom attacks wouldn't be have much customization as that's all hard coded like that attacks I'm doing now but potion effects to the boss is doable and maybe when you want the potion effect to take effects is also doable, but if you have any ideas for attacks the bosses should do i can code them in and add a config option to disable and enable certain attacks. what do you mean by eggs by the way?
  7. Yes that's currently on my todo list I was thinking about this the other day. Special drops are added in the config all up to you to what you want dropped, oh for the other hostile mobs im working on them it takes time but im glad to see some people are interested in the plugin
  8. You get an egg and you place it an a boss spawns where you placed the egg.
  9. Ah i see should of said spawn egg haha i was thinking about chicken eggs, Yes I'll add custom eggs and a spawn command so you can have more control over the spawning of the bosses.
  10. lol cool thanks hahah
  11. good plugin! Where the bosses spawn? Can you add a configurable radius around players?

  12. I definitely agree with this. Maybe if you have a snow golem boss it can only spawn in taiga's or what not
  13. Hmm please explain more on what you mean about this? What do you mean by a configurable radius what would the purpose of this radius be.
  14. A radius for Bosses to spawn from players
  15. Yes, so they only spawn inside active chunks, but not too close from the players (configurable radius).

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    [V: 0.2] New commands & VULNERABILITY PATCH, Permission adds

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  17. i am looking forward to your update.