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  1. Yes.. But i havent tested it my self :p also you dont need a full recource pack just change the .jason for that file.. But yea its all i got
  2. I don´t know, what you mean sorry :D . I don´t want any resource pack.
  3. Forget The direction the head its pointing its not important :p
  4. Update:

    • [FIX] Fixed bug related to the copy and paste feature

  5. This is bug, what I have or it is another?
  6. This should solve your issues with copied shops.
  7. Can you also add more searching of files? Beacuse when I have two folders with BossShop, it select first, but I want second, you can add button for next searching next files and folders?
  8. Lol A Sub Sub Folder.. :confused: i Keep Menus In the"BossShop" Folder then Use Sub Folders for What goes inside Menu.. Just a Tip
  9. This would have been useful before I already edited my shop by the configs its self ._.
  10. Some my ideas:
    • Please can you add way to edit lines in items?
    • Please, can you add way to select more lines in items?
    • Please, can you add also way to use AnvilGUI, ex. when players write to AnvilGUI set, first command by admins will be res and it do command res set (only example :D ).
    • Please, can you add way to search text in shops, players can use AnvilGUI to search specific item / text...?
    • Please, can you add way for players to create own shops / menus with specific permissions?
    • Please, can you add way to do it also ingame in simple GUI?
    • Please, can you add way to set specific time, when shop will be closed?
    • Please, can you add support for mod items?
    • Please, can you add support for items, what have special text, color....?
    • Please, can you add more languages support, I mean, players can choose language and we can make translations of shops also to other languages?
    I forgot one idea, when I write this, I edit it later :D .
  11. °_° I am angry, my menu was deleted and I don´t know why. Program is buggy and I am angrily now. It dele one my big shop with many icons. I don´t save it, beacuse it was big shop and I don´t know, it can be deleted °_°. I have program opened few hours, after I make one new icon, save it, after was button save grey and I try it again save, but nothing happen. I tried close program and after, when I opened it again, I don´t saw my shop °_°. Maybe you can add, it will be deleted intro trash, and we can delete it pernamently from trash or rollback it. PS: It only delete my one shop, menu, where was icon to go to this shop still exist, I don´t know, why it delete only one shop.
  12. I've added the "edit-lores" feature to my ideas list. Selecting multiple lines would conflict with the edit feature.

    About the folder selection: Thing is: Currently users need to select one folder only and the tool detects config.yml aswell as all shops and other information. Having to select the files separately would cause unnecessary work and lead to higher chances of a wrong file being selected. You can simply rename your second folder into "shop" temporarily or put its content in the "shop" folder in order to solve the issue.

    Where exactly would you like the Anvil-Gui feature to be? What use should it have? I'll add the search-idea to my ideas list.

    An Addon that allows players to create their own shops already is planned.

    Ingame shop setup is not planned because the setup tool already exists.

    Modded items are already supported... Special text and text color is supported too.

    Having multiple message files and languages loaded at the same time would be overkill.

    Menus are never deleted, except you click the "delete" button and confirm next. What might have happened though is that the tool crashed before your menu was saved. Currently I don't know any ways to crash the tool. If you find out any please send me a PM including a way to reproduce the crash. Then I'll fix it. It seems like saving your shops caused the crash if it was one.
  13. My replies are bold
  14. no job potion effect (create potion (potion:speed... need potioneffect:speed...)
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  15. Thanks for pointing that out! :)


    Code (Text):
    [FIX] Fixed potioneffect creation resulting in wrong output

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  16. upload_2016-9-13_22-48-38.png
    Reward need add items ! pls )
  17. and reward add enchant and better delineate save and load. upload_2016-9-13_22-50-22.png
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  18. Thanks again :)

    Improved the menubar look. The enchant reward currently supports one enchantment only, which you can already modify, however there is no need of an "add" button there.


    Code (Text):
    *[IMPROVE] Improved menubar look
    *[FIX] Add-Item button out of view due to some recent code changes

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  19. Thx big) wery god !!!
  20. upload_2016-9-14_23-48-21.png
    No potioneffect nausea = )