[BossShop] [GUI] Configuration & Setup tool

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Blackixx, May 26, 2016.

  2. :D Looks AMAZING!! Cant Wait To Test It Out!
  3. Hii I Cant Seem To Use The BossShopConfigureX Pls help
  4. I'm not hosting on my PC; what do I do?
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  5. Nice necro, you do know this was 1 year ago right?
  6. Download your files from the server, configure your shops and upload them back to your server. For testing purposes you might want to use a local test server where you test your shops before you upload them to your live server.
  7. Great tool. Just one problem. I can't use this tool to create shops that can both buy and sell. In the shops .ymls, it uses "Reward_right", and "RewardType_right" etc to make it able to sell by right-clicking mouse, but I cannot edit this reward type inside bossshopconfigure.

    Is there another way to make buy and sell shops in bossshopconfigure?
  8. By hand... just saying there is also a Item ALL (or something) that sells all the items there is also the Itemshop addon, if you want to try that.
  9. Hey!
    I've been using it for a long time. It's very nice and friendly to players!
    Do you know another financial plugin, named "hyperconomy"?
    Hyperconomy could define tex when a player buys an item.
    For example, Bob owns $100 million. Server defines that player whose money over 50 million will pay 10% tex when buy an item.
    So Bob will pay 10% tex to sever.

    It's just a suggestion, would you add the tex function to bossshop?
  10. How would I do it for a hosted server like how would I do this with ftp ?