Spigot BossShopPro - The most powerful Chest GUI shop/menu plugin. v2.0.9

Allows the creation of every kind of Chest GUI menu or shop.

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    BossShop - User friendly Inventory GUI Plugin, supporting BungeeCord Server Teleportation!

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  2. Very nice plugin, been using it for awhile now.
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  3. So is it possible to flip through "pages" of it, I have quite a few items. If not it looks like the categories will suffice. Looks great though, ill have to give it a try!
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    Improvements and Fixes

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  5. Looks great might swap over to this in my holidays :D

    Would it be possible to add multiple shops per server?
  6. Yes, you can create as many shops as you want bloodsplat :)
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  7. What's that spells at the screenshots? What plugin? Or implemented?

    Edit: and is there a server where i can see this working? It looks awesome but very difficult.. XD
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  9. Bump Blackixx
  10. The Spell Shop just demonstrates the BossShop Permissions RewardType. When you buy a Spell a permissions node is added to your account.

    About Running Servers:
    mc.snapcraft.net is using BossShop.
    Check out ZombieV there (my Game). There you can open shops using an emerald.
  11. Does anyone have a shops file I can use with most of the minecraft items. It will save me a lot of time if I don't have to do it myself lol.
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  12. Small tip : sometimes, displaying an empty map doesn't work [common bug I had with my own plugin, the client didn't show the item ...]
  13. There is a problem with buying and selling. Sometimes when I sell or buy something is sells or buys a different amount of the item. EG I try to buy seeds, first it works fine, then it starts selling me less items. How is this happening?

    EDIT: selling works fine after some testing. Buying is still not working. Config: http://pastie.org/private/0knn67xbeutiual8gdjevw
    Note that I have several other configs, and they all have the same problem, although I believe that I configured them right.
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  15. Should be fixed with the new version :D (1.6.4)
  16. Awesome, testing right now.

    EDIT: Yep, it works, thanks!

    EDIT 2: I have no idea what is wrong with this config. I tried getting it through a yaml parser and it was valid. http://pastie.org/8515482
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  17. Outlaw11A


    Blackixx, I am getting the following issue with Spigot #1171 and BossShop v1.6.6:

    Whenever a player chooses an item from the BossShop, it executes it fine, but the player is able to drag that item into their inventory and keep it. This started occurring with Minecraft 1.7.
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  18. How do i add cocoa boans? COCOA_BEANS doesnt work, item ID is 351 but thatis of all dyes so dont know how to make that into cocoa. Blackixx

    Gotta say, badass plugin!

    Edit: i found it, kindof. This is what i have:
    Problem, how do i make the MenuItem durability 3?
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  19. Just add a line with "- durability:3"
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