Spigot BossShopPro - The most powerful Chest GUI shop/menu plugin. v2.0.8

Allows the creation of every kind of Chest GUI menu or shop.

  1. That's a bummer, thanks anyway!
  2. Is there a way to add tab completion to alias commands so that I can get the /<shopname> commands to show?
  3. Thanks for the info. The numbers to names conversion is what's holding my upgrade up. I'll look for a converter as it seems the Pro version doesn't do it automatically.
  4. Yes, Just go from Numbers to names, Use F3+H to Enable the Tool tips at the bottom of the items In minecraft. This will help you alot.
    Also change the Id: to “type:” or look at the examples on the overview. To understand what i mean.

    :unsure:What else has changed. Conditions, the new Addon(s)... and “Third currency”. Those are in the Wiki.
  5. @mrfloris Since the black is likely not planning on coming back, is there a way to shift this into a fork and make it community run/updated? I asked Black this but he never answered
  6. I don't know what their deal is with handling this previously premium plugin. If it's open source, it depends on the license. If it's closed or visible source, it depends on the license and the permission of the copyright holder.

    Not up to me.
  7. Source is public https://github.com/Blackixx/BossShopPro but I'm not seeing a license
  8. Overview page has no terms of service, the github has no mention of the words License or Copyright in their repository.

    Welp, inb4update
  9. can anyone confirm this working on 1.15.1 or 1.15.2? i can't get it working. no error so idk if its 1.15 or i misconfigured something.... there's no error.
  10. I can get it working on 1.15.1 but the playershop addon doesn't work
  11. oh yea, 1.15.2 is out... haven't tested.
  12. Hi Author !
    I use bosshoppro v1.9.8 for the latest 1.12.2 spigot .. And on the server I have an error that the player can get the items created in the menu about their inventory, how can you help? I'm not ?
  13. Hi i got a problem with version 1.9.8 Every thing is stone, i can't change it to any thing, only stone :( Type is not working
  14. What version of server are you running it on?
    1.15 is version 2.0 and anything below 1.12? is version 1.9.8
  15. I would love if this would actually be the case, but right now I am not completely sure about the legal situation. We could talk on Discord about this. You can add Logende#6369.

    Sorry, but I did not get the time to read all messages. Does BSP still run on 1.15 or are there some issues?
  16. So far i haven't meet a issue its so well made :D
    Paper 1.15.2
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  17. Yes it works fine on 1.15.1. Playershops also work with one caveat. When making or editing your playershop, you have to reopen the playershop gui to save the changes.

    edit: If ya want to check it out, my server address is funhouse.mcserv.me
  18. i've already updated since. i can confirm everything is working perfectly on my server. i don't know about your issue with editing player shops but afaik its working fine. i'm just now updating some of my menus for the new 1.15.2 stuff we added.
  19. I was wondering if any suggestions can be taken into account i.e either for @Blackixx or for any knew author that does take over this plugin.

    Using this plugin has been great, it's been better then any other GUI plugin i've come across and the customisation with this plugin is endless, from creating simple warp shop-items all the all to setting up hourly/daily/weekly quests given you're using BSP add-on's. This is absolutely one outstanding plugin and to see it not get pasted on-to somebody else is absurd; however, i'm here to hand over a suggestion which i feel would add on-to the endless possibilities this plugin has to offer.

    Whether this feature is created via a add-on plugin or just a feature added to the main plugin isn't something i care about since i can manually maintain the plugin/s code myself if worse comes to worse.

    • Favourites feature(Name can be changed depending on whichever you may)
      • This feature is simply to add other shop-items to other available shops. I.e If i have a command set to a stone-block shop item, i can use a placeholder to have that shop in another shop without having to re-create the whole process over again. This would kind of be like a "Favourites" Category type feature.
    • Allow BSP add-on's to merge with other BSP add-on's.
      • This feature would honestly be more favourited for servers that enjoy using the inventory space. with GUI manager, limited-uses and BSP all being able the edit the main player inventory would be amazing.
    This plugin is honestly one of the best plugins i've come across and that i've actually had fun with using for years now. Let me know if anybody or the author is willing to make this idea possible.
  20. Code (Text):
    PointsPlugin: auto-detect
    I don't want to have it hook into enjin as we don't utilize its points system - how do I disable this?