Standalone BossShopProConfigure - Configuration and setup tool v1.0.6

Standalone tool that allows the easy creation of powerful shops and menus.

  1. I see... you need BossShopPro to use the tool properly, which you seem to not own.

    It is not possible with BSP directly but can be done by installing a separate plugin with the sell-all features and linking it with BossShopPro: Simply use "RewardType: playercommand" and "Reward: <command to open sell-all gui of other plugin>".
  2. I just purchased BossShopPro, and no config files are being generated whatsoever, and I'm getting a lot of errors in my console. I'm using the latest version of BossShopPro, and I'm running Spigot 1.12.2, anyone know why this would be happening?
  3. So Ive been trying to add spawner eggs to the shop and couldnt get it to work. I posted a question to the discussion boarnd on BSPro and they someone kindly sent me a file showing their layout. It seems that this configuration tool doesn't support the loading of Spawn Eggs? Namely you add the line "monsteregg:Cow" anywhere in the gui. Is this correct or am I missing something here?
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  4. -> monsteregg
  5. every time i edit. PlayerCommandsSecret fails. it cool but how do i fix it

    i cant remove servers from the menu. I keep delete and it comes back!
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  6. Please add support for item sounds everytime I save it deletes the sound part of an item.
  7. I must've tried to get this thing to launch 10 times now but it continues to tell me that it can't work with my selected libraries.

    I've tried only using the Launcher. Nothing
    I've tried first going through the Configure jar and saving that. Nothing
    I've tried using the Configure jar, leaving that open then trying the Launcher jar. Nothing

    I followed every instruction presented on each screen of both jars but it just isn't working. It's not accepting anything for me and I don't understand why.
  8. Some of the help buttons like "Enchantment Names" link to javadocs that are no longer used. You may want to upgrade the tool to use the Spigot Javadocs instead.
  9. What exactly do you mean with PlayerCommandsSecret? Also about removing "servers from the menu": Do you want to remove one item from a shop or are you trying to delete a whole shop?

    Sorry but right now I do not have enough time to work on the tool and additionally I don't think adding more features to the current tool is worth it. I am planning to re-create the tool in JavaScript and with a more flexible architecture, making it easier to expand the tool by more features. However it will take some time until I will be able to work on that.

    Did you already try running the tool via commandline and checking the commandline for error/info messages when launching the tool? Did you select a proper spigot.jar and BossShopPro.jar?

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll note that down and will work on it when I am back home (currently working abroad).
  10. Hope to make the tool in more languages......I think it will be popular around the world
  11. 3 Months later, I gave up trying already.
  12. Hope with gets an update. Seems broken for 1.13
  13. When making the new tool, can you please have it so it recognizes enchanted golden apples? Also I'm not certain, but I don't think the bossshop plugin recognizes them either.
  14. We are already working on a new tool ;-)

    It will.

    Do you use MC 1.13 or a version below?
    If you use a version below I suggest using "type:GOLDEN_APPLE" and "durability:1", else I suggest using "type:ENCHANTED_GOLDEN_APPLE". Basically with the 1.13 update Mojang renamed a lot of material names and changed the way material names and durability work.
  15. Ah alright, I used MC 1.13.1 (now 1.13.2), and I was using a plugin version for 1.12. I've been sticking with a 1.12 plugin version so I can keep using my old shop layout until your updated tool is out. I tried using I only tried "ENCHANTED_GOLDEN_APPLE" in the tool, but in game it just shows it as a Stone Block in the GUI. I'll try the "GOLDEN_APPLE" with durability 1 and see if that works.
  16. Any updates on this?
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  17. The ETA for the open beta of the tool is 24.12.18.
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  18. Ok. Thank you for the response. I used a 1.12 server to get my shops/menus up and running. Such an amazing plugin. Great job. Good luck with the coding.
  19. Any progress or updates on the 1.13 tool?