Standalone BossShopProConfigure - Configuration and setup tool v1.0.6

Standalone tool that allows the easy creation of powerful shops and menus.

  1. he had told me that it would be around december 24th
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  2. getting excited!
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  3. BossShopProEditor Open Beta:

    More useful features, settings, and user guides will be added within the next weeks. The tool is not completely finished yet, however, we want to support all of you who are setting up 1.13.x shops. Therefore we decided to release a Beta of the tool as early as possible.
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  4. thank you so much! i know there's no guy designing features or menu stuffs yet, but being able to just get out the shops at least is a great start! i can create the shops i wanted to create item-wise now which is perfect! and i can still use the older version of the "menu" configs for the GUI of my server's "main menu" i'm using your plugin as. thank you so much any merry christmas! this is an awesome gift and i love how simple it is to use in a web browser! keep up the good work!
  5. in java is better :confused:
  6. its true that in java you're able to work with it offline, but otherwise [and noting that the website is still very much under construction] i think the website has a lot more potential. and when finished, i hope the owner uploads the website to GitHub so maybe i can host it on my server and use it to login and change my server's menus from my admin website for the server. that'd be so cool and actually possible BECAUSE its a website. the java version could never be close to that level of usefulness
  7. change server's menus from admin website for the server, it's a good idea, but the look is kind of complicated to understand


    this is a constructive criticism
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  8. i think its less complicated than the wonky java program. plus being a website, the author could definitely more easily use texture assets of items and all that for a better visual experience. plus any updates would instantly be live for everyone. the only real downside is that it must be accessed online only. in the case of an internet outage, i wouldn't be able to get any work done. but that could be fixed by the author uploading to GitHub.
  9. Why does the shopitemlist only have 4 rows when there are more?

    It also does not have the ability to copy like the java program did for items.

    Enchantments do not work. It does not add the enchant effect to any items.


    instead of
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  10. being that the author says its new and he's fixing it so its basically still in alpha not even beta, i assume thats the reason why.

    being that its super alpha though and being as nice as it is "so far" i think it has potential. i would agree with you that its nowhere close to being finished, but the author isn't claiming it's finished.
  11. A small video about the tool is planned, trying to explain how it can be used. The web application is, I think, actually easier and better to use than the old java application, once you know the idea behind it.

    Texture previews are kind of planned, however, it might take a lot of time, until they will be actually implemented.
    I will consider publishing the source code on GitHub.

    I'll fix the shopitemlist count.

    About copying items: That can actually be done a lot faster than before, by simply using the configuration panel. Just like in any text file you can very quickly copy and edit stuff there. That actually makes things faster, compared to the old java application.
    Thanks for the enchantment hint. I'll fix that.

    Well, a few more features and of course fixes are planned, but the tool is honestly quite far and quite close to what I want it to be.

    I've just created a new resource for the new editor: Feedback is welcome in the discussions thread of that resource.
  12. I have started to prefer this tool and use a regular text editor
  13. Are you talking about the BossShopProConfigure tool (desktop application) or are you talking about the new web application?
  14. new web app
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  15. Does the new web app have all of the same features as the java app did? Or are there still some features that have yet to be added? I'm aware you want to have web version be better than the java app, just wondering what I can expect out of the current version
  16. It will not have all the features the java app did. It is more simple and less complex than the java app. For example, it will not allow you editing the main BSP config, but only provide support for editing shops. On the other hand, it provides some features which the java app did not have. For example, you are able to use the web application to edit shops with special properties from an addon. The java app simply removed those special properties from a shop. Also, some addons, like ItemShops, will directly be supported by the web application.
    The current version is quite far, however a few minor features are missing, such as a Settings Tab which allows you to define, which features you want to use (ItemShops / complex properties / just very simple shops / sounds / etc).
  17. Ah. this sounds awesome! This gives me a good idea how to compare the two now. One recommendation I would love to see thrown in was how you had the colour codes in the app itself. Though it's easy to look it up online, it's just the convenience of having it in with the app was very useful.
  18. hi there just downloaded 1.0.6 I cant seem to get any further than the startup screen it wont load any shops, have tried through the batch file method of starting. all paths are correct to the jar and folder plus spigot
  19. Hey,

    I suggest using the new web editor if you use 1.13 and above.
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