Solved Bot attacks make everyone time out

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  1. Hello i am beginning to think that my problems with bot attacks might be down to the way i configured my network.

    Most other people, when they are botted only their hub crashes but for us it is the network. All players get timed out message.

    I use the latest waterfall,

    AntiBot (2).jar 57.6kB 03/23/20 18:37:37
    antivpn-bungee-5.11.37.jar 392.47kB 03/20/20 15:16:13
    AuthMeBungee-2.2.0-beta1 (1).jar 552.29kB 03/19/20 19:34:34
    BMsg (1).jar 23.58kB 03/19/20 19:34:34
    Bot-Sentry-Bungee-6.1.2-BULLETPROOF.jar 115.36kB 03/23/20 22:22:26
    BungeeBridge_Server.jar 59.16kB 03/19/20 19:34:34
    BungeeListPlugin-1.0.0.jar 5.36kB 03/19/20 19:34:34
    BungeeMOTD.jar 17.46kB 03/19/20 19:34:34
    .DS_Store 6kB 03/19/20 19:34:33
    LiteBans.jar 1.1MB 03/19/20 19:34:35
    LuckPerms-Bungee-4.4.28.jar 1.12MB 03/19/20 19:34:36
    nuvotifier-2.5.3.jar 2.5MB 03/19/20 19:34:37
    RedirectPlus-2.8.0.jar 48.25kB 03/19/20 19:34:36
    SkinsRestorer (2).jar 3.73MB 03/19/20 19:34:40
    When configuring any file paths in your server
  2. Config file

    Code (Text):
    prevent_proxy_connections: false
    - query_port: 25565
      motd: '&1Another Bungee server'
      tab_list: GLOBAL_PING
      query_enabled: false
      proxy_protocol: false
      forced_hosts: pvp
      ping_passthrough: false
      - hub
      bind_local_address: true
      max_players: 100
      tab_size: 60
      force_default_server: true
    remote_ping_cache: -1
    network_compression_threshold: 256
      - bungeecord.command.server
      - bungeecord.command.list
      - bungeecord.command.alert
      - bungeecord.command.end
      - bungeecord.command.ip
      - bungeecord.command.reload
    log_pings: true
    connection_throttle_limit: 3
    server_connect_timeout: 5000
    timeout: 30000
    player_limit: -1
    ip_forward: true
      - admin
    remote_ping_timeout: 5000
    connection_throttle: 4000
    log_commands: false
    stats: 80f46405-128c-4ef2-9b86-62aaec26b398
    online_mode: false
    forge_support: true
    - disabledcommandhere
      block-ips-when-invalid-packet: true
        max: 4
        message: '&cToo many players are logging, we allow only premium players to join!
          Try again to join in 30 seconds.'
        time: 30
        motd: FinePlay
        address: xxx
        restricted: false
        motd: FinePlay
        address: xxx
        restricted: false
        motd: FinePlay
        address: xxx
        restricted: false
        motd: FinePlay
        address: xxx
        restricted: false
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  3. Those are your problems, use INTERNAL NETWORKING for the goodness life! You might need to get a VPS/dedicated server for such but it's so worth it instead of hassling with shared hosts who might not allow you to do this.
  4. Yeah but still i had a dedi before and bots destroyed it
  5. Still you best off internal networking the setup as your first line of defense. After you done that then we can tackle the fact that your being botted in the first place.
  6. Hello, these plugins you have to remove from the bungee

    you don't need this this plugin can collapse under bot attack

    AntiBot (2).jar
    Use only an antibot "only one to avoid conflict", in this case you have bot sentry check if your configuration is ok
    update bot sentry to the latest version

    when receiving attacks this plugin can collapse
    I have tested and observed that these plugins go crazy when you get bot attack

    SkinsRestorer (2).jar
    when receiving attacks this plugin can collapse
    I have tested and observed that these plugins go crazy when you get bot attack

    I also recommend this

    this bungeecord has patched exploits in addition to being 1.7 - 1.15 compliant

    I just saw your Bungeecord setup and apparently you are using Aegis really that bungeecord doesn't offer real protection against bots you should use Flamecord it is just a tip
    and don't show the IPs of your servers
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  7. Alright, i done everything you recommended. I'll give some feedback soon
  8. THANK YOU it worked!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.