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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Darkweasam, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Hello
    I got a cracked server which i dont want to turn to an online server because of my community
    And we got a lot of bot attacks daily
    Authme and Antibotattack plugins are present, both are limited at 1second/max 3join ratio
    Both of them are turning on, on the server you cant see "welcome xy to the server"
    But in the console we get spammed by denied connects (of bots) and its like 100bots/second which causes my server to crash
    Is there any way to solve this?
  2. By turning on online mode. Only way to stop it. Most of the plugins don't work.

    Also, you should not be supporting illegal software.
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  3. cracked = everyone can log in with any name so please go online-mode or make a bungeecord server
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