Spigot BotAttack Preventer 1.5

Help you eliminate the bots that join your server

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    BotAttack Preventer - Help you eliminate the bots that join your server

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  2. PhanaticD


    "When a player joins he gets kicked"

    why did I never think of that
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  3. I didnt rly understand if this is ironic or real :D
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  4. Great!
    It's good in theory, but it could use a bit more work. Users could simply login with a list of bots, then within 2 minutes later, try logging in all over again with their list. Ta-dah, instant access to all of their bots. Now for normal users, what's to say they will have the patience to re-join if they are new? Not the best first impression :(

    Hmm, what if the plugin checked the players idle position? Most bots idle at spawn, and all do repetitive things. Monitoring the chat of players and bots, and comparing the frequency of what is said and if they've moved or not may work. I feel like there's already a plugin out there that does this though.

    Best wishes
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  5. Thanks a lot man , your friendly comment really motivates me to do it better, I will surely improve it tho i cant check for idle position or chat frequency as bot attacks occur in cracked servers which mostly have authme... so an average players needs at least 10 seconds to type its pass and join normally in 10 seconds more than 30 bots can join :D thanks a lot i appreciate
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  6. Protection enabled only in the attack moment?!
  7. Wow!! havent thought of that Sitmobedaf Thanks man next update will surely have this man,,, :) thanks..
  8. Code (Text):
    public void f***Bukkit(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
    Nice :p
  9. :) i had a difficult time doing this so... I dont rly worry because this is spigot ;P how did u rly saw the code ?
  10. JD-GUI
    Do not use it to use other people's code unless they say so, or you will find yourself in big trouble
    Good job with the plugin though
  11. I really appreciate thank you! Right now i am adding config and some more staff !!!
  12. Next time use the reply button please :p
  13. Also, with f***Bukkit event, at least change it to f*kkit
  14. :)
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    Bot Preventer

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  16. My suggestions :)
    - Add switch protection if join to the server over 10 players (option to config) for 10 sec. (option to config).
    - Add the duration option to the regime of protection against attacks (in config).
    - Make a list of players as a separate file.
    - Add the automatic purging of outdated nicknames in ListPlayers (option to config)
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  17. I have 0% of a clue what this does...
  18. Перевожу с Русского, понимайте как хотите, засранцы. :D
  19. @Sitmobedaf I cant really follow ur suggestions please explain a bit further and if i can i will surely do it ;)
  20. @KevinDoesMc The plugin is actually a kicker... it kicks the all the players joinning when it is enabled and give them 2 minutes period of time to rejoin or they will be kicked again this way u can protect ur server against bot attacks..