Spigot BottomLine - the new alternative to essentials 1.2.10

The new safe, ever-growing essential plugin, offering a collection of commands and events

  1. Yeah, I have a lot of suggestions:
    • A separate file for ALL messages.
    • Being able to set multiple homes. (Example permissions: bottomline.homeset.1, bottomline.homeset.2, etc)
    • Option to disable sounds.
    • A new command "hat" - Takes the item in your hand & puts it on your head.
    • Changing command "amsg" to "staffmsg".
    • Being able to use colors on signs & being able to use colors in chat. (If this isn't a thing already, haven't tested this)
    That's pretty much all I have at the moment in my head.
  2. You could also add an option to report?
  3. A file for all messages will come in the future, that will take a while.
    Disabling sounds can't really be done as its not an option done by the code (at least thats what I've discovered)
    /hat will be coming :)
    amsg will have an alias of staffmsg, just so other servers can keep amsg.

    That can be added.
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    Christmas Update!

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    Friday Fixes - Happy New Year!

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  6. Hello, is posibble to add command /back ?
  7. Yes, I can work on that. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Thank you. and what about delay while teleporting to other player or spawn, home ? is it posibble to do it?
  9. Yes, that can be added later on in updates.
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    1.2.4 update

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  11. What does this plugin has that essentials or another all-in-one plugin doesn't?
  12. Not a lot as of now, but there will be some features that will be added, be sure to check out the wiki for the stuff offered in this plugin.
    This is basically just an alternative, like less laggy, etc.
  13. Really interesting plugin. I've been using a port of essentials to 1.8 spigot, but if it doesn't prove to be future proof, I might use this instead.
  14. Add /kittycannon and mob spawning
  15. @Banjo226 I found a bug :/
    If your chat message contains either %, \, or $, it will break the chat format. Please fix :s
  16. Are you sure the string is in quote marks?

    Code (Text):
    format: '%mytag%'
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  17. Ah thanks!

    Also, just a suggestion, but could you possibly add buy and sell signs? Like Essentials [Buy] and [Sell]?
    I can't seem to find a decent plugin like that, that is updated and still works.
  18. Do you know if this plugin will be compatible with 1.9? I don't see why it wouldn't be, but you never know. I'm currently using Essentials with 1.8.8 but building up our 1.9 server, and I'd like to move us over to Bottomline for that.

  19. This may be an incredibly stupid question, but is there a way to activate the default Spectator Mode with this plugin installed? I haven't been able to access it in any way, and /gamemode 3 is no longer valid. o-O