Spigot Bounty Sell Head 1.0

Enables you to sell player head for a percent of there balance

  1. cpazek123 submitted a new resource:

    Bounty Sell Head - Enables you to sell player head for a percent of there balance

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  2. I was looking for this, thanks!
    Does this make people who get killed "drop" their heads?
  3. Look what I found! One of my custom plugins!!
    I appreciate the credit given to me.

    No, that isn't necessary considering there are hundreds of plugins that do that specifically.
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  4. @Pr0totype2 do you mind revamping this plugin?

    If you want to talk more, add my skype IsaaceyMC
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  5. Oh ehm... Yeah sure, I would like to ask @gogobebe2 for source code and take it over I guess
    I'll do my best to maintain this plugin cx
  6. I coded the plugin privately as a custom plugin and the person I coded it for uploaded it here. If you want me to modify it to your needs pm me although it'll cost $3USD to add a /bh list.
  7. I don't want to modify it to my needs.
    I want to modify and maintain it so the plugin will become better and better, so that others will use it more and more as it'll get more useful over time
  8. The quote you quoted of me wasn't directed at you. (By the way, I already did some changes that @Isaacey wanted after he added me on skype).

    Sorry I forgot to tell you a message after I quoted you, here it is:
    Feel free to do what ever you want with this plugin, just give me credit and don't sell it. Source code is https://github.com/gogobebe2/BountyHead

    Also since I don't own this spigot post, I can't update it. The person who uploaded my plugin to this was a customer who I did it for. The github version is latest.
  9. Thanks! I'll maintain the plugin and post it as a free resource. ;3
  10. Cool.