Spigot Bounty 1.8

Set a money bounty on another player!

  1. TylerV submitted a new resource:

    Bounty - Set a bounty on another player!

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  2. The pluggin dosent work for me i run 1.8.9 server

    the only error i get is: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command
  3. That doesn't help, can I see your full error from console?

    Do you have the 2 dependencies installed? [​IMG]
  4. Can you add KitBattle support?

    So i can add this to my KitPvP server and then it will use Coins instant?
  5. Can you make it so the plugin broadcasts who placed a bounty on who?
  6. Can u pleass set bounty, with items :)?
  7. I haven't been active on here and don't always get notifications for posts here for some reason, but I will be working on an update for Bounty soon and it will most likely be for the latest Minecraft version (1.11).
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    Small Update

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  9. Suggestion: Make the msg's editable like i want to remove the join msg etc.
    + add a top 10 bounties (players with the highest bounties)
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  10. I was planning already on the customizable messages just haven't had much time to get down to it, I will have those done ASAP though. For the top bounties, it would just be a list in order of the highest bounties at a time? I'll add that when I add the custom messages. Thanks for the suggestion :)
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    Added customizable messages

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    Added exempt permission

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  13. Hello people, there's a bug... Or something.
    People who gets a bounty can kill themselves and claim it. (LOL)

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  14. Haha, I'll get that fixed right now. Thanks for reporting it.
  15. Hello, @TylerV
    The plugin looks awesome!Great job.As i read in the description, you do accept suggestions.If i may do such i would suggest a GUI with changeable lore description with few placeholders %name% %bounty% %prize%, or something like these.And option to sell the heads for an extra prize, ofc the heads will drop on a random % :p
    I hope you will look in to these and i hope you like it.Cuz i really like the plugin!
  16. I made a version with a GUI to make premium at a low price, but instead I may just release it as a separate version for free in a few days. I'll consider adding the selling the heads, but you could just use a shop plugin like Essentials and allow players to sell player heads to the shop or even use Auction House so players can sell the heads to each other.
  17. Yeah i know, but if your plugin has these features it will make it more attractive and complete.And sure, why not make it premium and maybe add more cool stuff.That is a good move imo.