Spigot BountyHunters Legacy 2.2.6

Kill players, claim bounties!

  1. Yea I know
  2. Is it possible to automatically set a bounty on a player when they get too many kills?
  3. Theres no option to do that rn apart from the automatic bounty feature. You might need an extra plugin addon
  4. hi there,that was a wonderful plugin for mc. may i turn it to chinese minecraft forum?
  5. Sure thing
  6. Will this plugin be updated to 1.15 anytime soon?
  7. You'll need to compile/buy MMOItems Premium, I'm not updating BH Legacy anymore
  8. how do I give my players the ability to set bounties?
  9. bountyhunters.add
  10. Where do I put that command?
  11. It's not a command, it's a permission.
  12. where do I put that permission?
  13. Use a permission plugin like PermissionEx or LuckPerms or UltimatePerms, there are many tutorials over SpigotMC.
    Permissions let you decide what actions a player can do/command they can run; it's something used literally everywhere in plugins because it's really practical. As a newcomer (based on your profile) it's really one of these things you should consider learning fast

    Most permission plugins let you give either a player a specific permission, or add players to groups, which basically have a set list of permissions, eg Admin group which would have all the available perms. There can also be subgroups i.e groups which inherit permissions from other groups, etc.
    Permissions can also help you setup donor perks or ranks on your server, etc......
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  14. op player cant be tracked
  15. What version does Minehut use?
  16. Hello!
    Your plugin is... AMAZING! Unfortunately... I am unable to land my hand on how to allow players to buy the compass and use it. I do not know how to set permission for it! May I get help?
  17. Good day Indyuce.

    I just bought your Premium Version of Bountyhunters.
    Everything is looking good so far except the Compass, it points anywhere but to the selected Target.

    Hope this could get fixed somehow :)

    Thank you in advance.
  18. non-opped players cant get the compass, I cant seem to find the permission
  19. i got the same problem