Spigot BountyHunters Legacy 2.2.6

Kill players, claim bounties!

  1. add disable self bounty
  2. There actually is a way to disable it, just go in the config file and set the "auto-bounty" parameter to false.
    Use then the command
    Code (Text):
    /bounties reload
  3. Indyuce updated Bounty Hunters with a new update entry:

    Update 1.1 - Bug fixes, Offline players support, Min/max reward......

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  4. Yes, overloaded
    But no change

    Yes, reload
    But no change

    / Rl
    / Bounties reload
    There is no change
  5. I've checked the code, the /bounties reload command & the multiple spigot server versions. The command worked everytime so follow these steps in order to modify the config file:
    1. Get to the config.yml, change whatever you want.
    2. Don't do any command except /bounties reload, after saving the file.
    3. You can try reloading or closing your server to see if the changes were applied.
    4. If it still doesn't work, try closing the server and editing the config file while the server is close...
    5. once you made your changes just save the file and start your server again.
  6. Ok, the configuration changed successfully
    But the configuration in the language is invalid
    So I can not change this language
    He is still in English

    Is a fun plugin, but this is a bit more problematic
    Believe that the solution is perfect
  7. Changes for the \language\messages.yml file should apply instantly... However the items.yml file requires a reload (/reload) after each change.
    It might be a bit difficult to understand for the first time what you need to do when you're editing config files but once you get the 'logic' behind it it'll get way more easier:
    • if you're editing items, use /reload, items only update while enabling the plugin. /reload disables and enables again the plugin
    • if you're editing texts/messages, messages should update instantly (no reload command needed)
    • if you're editing config.yml, use the reload plugin command: /bounties reload)
    Also, thanks for the support ;)
  8. Items.yml this file
    I try to change the language
    But it is no change
    I also try your so-called reload, bounties reload
    My question is that the GUI can not display the language I changed
  9. Items.yml file changes only applies on /reload.
  10. Yes, he can not
    May be wrong
    Please check to see
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  11. My bad. I left a tiny bug when changing the 'bountiesGui.yml' file to 'items.yml' file.
    Sorry! I'm releasing an update RN.
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  12. Is it possible to translate all messages?
  13. It is, just use the messages.yml file in the '/language' folder :)
  14. :)
    Now this plugin is perfect
    very beautiful
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  15. I have a suggestion:
    You can add disabled or enabled world
    Or add fun
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  16. Yes, I'll add a world black list in the next update as well as worldguard flags.
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  17. Could you add a leaderboard command, as well as the ability to disable players being able to remove bounties they set on players?
  18. I am currently adding a leaderboard GUI accessible via a command.
    And for the ability to remove bounties, it doesn't make any sense. As players lose a little bit of their money when creating bounties, they won't create any bounty they didn't really want to create... Which means the plugin doesn't really need that feature. Moreover, you can set a bounty set restriction of like 30 mins so players think twice before creating a bounty ;)