Spigot BountyHunters Legacy 2.2.6

Kill players, claim bounties!

  1. I have another proposal
    You can add / addbounty <player> <bounty> again
    Otherwise set only 8 $
    The other players can not add to him
    you know!
    Is always accumulated
  2. Could you make this amazing plugin open source? I would like to edit a couple of this to fit my needs. Thank you :)
  3. OK, I'll post the source on Github soon :)
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  4. Amazing plugin! Just one bug That I found!
    /bounty <player> <amount> if sets the bounty and when you kill the player you get the money it works just fine. But when you trty to open the GUI with /bounties and internal error occurs
    Here is the console error!

    Error: https://pastebin.com/iTAUgbZ6
    Thanks, amazing plugin!
  5. Thanks for both your support and the bug report ;)
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  6. does not work with latest spigot :)

    Code (Text):
    00:05:50 BountyHunters: Enabling BountyHunters v1.2
    00:05:50 CONSOLE: [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------
    00:05:50 CONSOLE: [INFO] Enabling BountyHunters 1.2...
    00:05:50 CONSOLE: [INFO] Your server version is not compatible. Try updating it! :(
    00:05:50 CONSOLE: [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------
    00:05:50 BountyHunters: Disabling BountyHunters v1.2
    #47 Superola, Jun 8, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
  7. 1.12 support was not added yet. I'll be posting an update soon.
  8. I thank you very much for this =)
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  9. Would love to see a level system included with this plugin. Or an optional add-on at least. Where players can gain titles, or optional rewards based on a certain amount of bounties collected. That, for me, would complete this plugin.
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  10. That sounds cool ;) I'll add this to the to-do list.
  11. If its an addon it can work, but i like the simpleness in the other stuff =)
  12. I'm already coding what he just suggested, I also planned to add quotes (as rewards) when you get killed and a player claims your bounty ;)
  13. Are you also making the possibility to disable things ? :)
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  14. Hi can you also added cooldown timer ,because my survival server player keep using tpa kill the same player and spamming money on it.
    also added bypass cooldow timer permission.
  15. There is already a time restriction option in the config.yml file, but I'll add a perm to bypass it later ;)
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  16. Hallo, about
    /bounties reload , Have no effect

    I modified bountiesGui.yml
    use /bounties reload
    No effect

    can sup PvPManager?
  17. Try /reload. Item changes only apply when the server is reloaded.
  18. can sup PvPManager?