Spigot BountyHunters Legacy 2.2.6

Kill players, claim bounties!

  1. Indeed, MySQL is not supported by BountyHunters.
  2. How is it not supported if it has one in its settings?

    Code (Text):
      minAmount: 250
        use: false
        name: minecraft
        host: localhost
        user: plugin
        password: plugin
        port: 3306
        enabled: false
        amount: 1500
        allowMultiple: false
      dropHead: true
        onJoin: true
        onLeave: true
      preventBountySet: false
      preventBountyClaim: false
      preventAutoset: false
    hmm, just had a tough, could this be that my admins have put in a plugin that a different plugin but also called bounty hunter?
  3. I've never used MySQL and don't know how it works. If a "configuration/mod" is needed in the plugin to add this type of MySQL config, then it's not my plugin...
  4. I would deeply recommend, have a look at MySQL. I won't blame you for not having any knowledge of what it is, however, I will give you a reason why this would be handy. Should you do add a remote SQL support, we would be able to, for example, display information about bounties on our website. Without SQL driver, we would need to streamline the data via FTP or RCon which is not as fast and appealing for us, or most of the people who plan to share the servers information outside server itself.
  5. That's pretty cool! I'll have a look then ;)
  6. Indyuce updated Bounty Hunters with a new update entry:

    Update 1.4 - New features & bug fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Hey @Indyuce, thank you for updates!

    I have some new ideas to improve plugin, please tell me what do you think about :)
    • Add an option to have the tax like % of the contract
      • (so "tax: 15" with "tax-percent: true" means "15% of the contract" instead of 15$)
    • Add an admin command to disable plugin: contracts can’t be executed, means if someone kill a player with contract, there isn't any reward (useful for special events for instance, or christmas time or everything else)
    • Add a command with permission to allow player to get player location (with delay, means player could use this command each x minutes)
      • With an option to choose if this command could be used on every player or only on player with bounty
      • With an option to display a configurable message like "someone see you" with sound
    • Add an option to force hunter to claim a contract in GUI to be able to execute it and take reward
    • Add an option to limit (per day for instance) how many contracts a player can execute
    • Add a command with permission to allow players to hide their nickname (above the head), like /hide, for a configurable period of time and with delay, means player could use this command during x minutes each x minutes
      • Useful for hunters
    If something is not clear please tell me!

  8. Do you think you could add a "bounty minimum" option to prevent players from setting $1 or extremely low bounties on each other?

  9. Hey there!

    I'm working on an addon for this plugin, but you don't seem to have any api documentation that I can find. Am i just missing it, or did you not write any?
  10. There already is one in config
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  11. Ok, it seems that I'll just have to dispatch a command, but whenever I have console dispatch the command, it thinks it's because of an illegal kill... Is there any way you could change that
  12. I'll add a function to make a player set a bounty on someone else.
  13. Perfect. Many thanks! :)
  14. What is the version for 1.9? version
    obiusly (mod version)