Spigot BowHealth 5.0

Every bow shoot on player see player health! (3.5, 7.5...)

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    BowHealth - Every bow shoot on player see player health!

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  2. please create a new or paid version in which you can configure the prefix and the message, thank you!
  3. Oh, I forget for that, in next update I will make! Thank you!
  4. Can you add 0,5 and 1,5 and so on..
    And add editable messages and prefix :)
  5. Editable messages and prefix will be in next update! (A couple of days)
    Halfs will be add soon! :)
  6. Hey piggysaw and Choubatsu, I just want to tell you that I did update of this plugin with config messages..
    If you like this plugin please rate it and leave review.
    If you using this plugin on your server tell me so can advertise your server and set IP where players can test BowHealth plugin.
    Enjoy in the rest of the day.
  7. There's a bug.
    When you hit a player he recieve a notification not a shoter xD
    Can you make 20 HP instead 10.
    That will fix a bug with 1,5; 0,5 etc... :D
  8. Ohh, I see where is the bug, thank you I will fix it!
  9. I fixed bug, now shoter get message! Thank you for reporting bug if you see some more report it to me! And you need to set heart symbol in config (change from <3 to ♥ or something) Have a great day.
  10. That's nice.
    Just add 20 HP instead 10 HP.
    And that's all, that'll fix thing with half a heart thing etc... :D
  11. I will try to add halfs (decimals) like 0.5, 1.5, 7.5...
  12. And if you want I can send you that with 20 HP & config messages, just contact me on spigotmc in private msg
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    Added permissions

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  14. Nice Resource.
  15. Thanks!