Spigot BowParticles Recoded 6.9 Optimized

This will give an Particles when you shoot using bow and tweaks

  1. Bolean submitted a new resource:

    BowEffects - This will give an effect when you shoot using bow

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  2. This plugin add effects when i shoot or when i hit an enemy?
  3. when you shoot

    THanks i will add when you hit an enemy
  4. ok thanks for your reply thanks
  5. what should be
  6. NullBlox


    Thank you. Not trying to offend you at all, just your plugin and his will come up in a search so could be bad for both of you in some ways.
    Bug reports or other issues. :) thanks.
  7. goooo, this is a good plugin
  8. but this is not a plugin it is a skript
  9. yea thats the same thing for my lol
  10. thanks