Bungee - Spigot BowTeleport - HUB 1.6/1.7/1.8

Most complete bow-teleport plugin ever made!

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    BowTeleport - HUB - bowteleport

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  2. If you have any particular request, do it and i will make it :D
  3. Its amazingly good fun just trying to climb to the top of my hub map with just the bow XD
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  4. Thanks for replies guys :D , glad to see your comments :)
  5. If you could can you set the message in config and as well give the bow the {Unbreakable:1} NBT tag?
  6. Sure, i will do it in next 24 hours :)
  7. Great
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  8. Add Color Codes on the bow without the § :p Add & instead
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  9. I will do it in next 72 hours :)
  10. Love your Plugin, but could you add a configuration for the cooldown message??

  11. Sure i'll do it in next 24 hours :)
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  12. How about selecting the blocks that can be hit in the config so people can't bow out the hub?