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    Welcome to Spigot Community, I doing videos for you amazing developers! If you need any videos on your plugin if its a Showcase or a Tutorial video just comment below or just private message me :D

    I enjoy doing these videos and I love the comments what the community have already gave me, Like thank you so much Spigot community your amazing! :D

    Plugin Showcases:

    Plugin Tutorials:

    Plugin (DETAILED) Tutorials:

    Wish to support my time spent upon each video, and allow me to record more plugins? Donate by clicking here and I’ll add you to my donation wall

    Currently no donations

    Feedback from the Developers that I have made a video for :)

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  2. Good commentary, but I would REALLY try to cut the video down to at least 10-20 mins. I'm not sure who will actually watch 40 min video tutorial. Just saying :p
  3. I agree with what @BillyCooldude dude said. I may be interested in having you do the English version of my plugin for the tutorial, your voice seems clear, but the video is just way too long. I was looking to have a 5-10 minutes max video tutorial.
  4. Thank you for both amazing comments!!! The video was long because its quite a big plugin to go over, and that plugin isnt fully finished to explain, Just depends on how big of a plugin you have, more features meaning longer the video

    Again thank you!! :D
  5. Would be awesome if you could showcase my parrot pet plugin :)
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  6. Hope you enjoy :D
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  7. Thanks awesome video! I added it to plugin page :)
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  8. I will be making the videos for you both after work :)
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  9. Please contact me here before doing so! Would like to talk a bit more. Thanks.
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  10. Those are some good vids :O
    Keep it up :)
  11. Great video! Just make it shorter please.
  12. Thank you means a lot!! :D Glad you enjoy then :) If you need help or any suggestions please tell me :D
  13. Basic showcases are short 5/10 mins like the Parrot Pets and Dynamic Chat Format but Advanced Mob Arena is a detailed tutorial about the plugin because many people was having a lot of issue with that plugin and they were saying the author was good enough. So I did a long video for him to simplify the plugin for users. But Showcase / Tutorials will be around 5/10 minutes unless it has a lot of features. :) But thank you for the support :D
  14. You can do a plugin showcase of my StaffList/StaffOnline plugin! (My english is bad so xd...)
    Your english is great! and i hope you can do it for me =D

  15. Awesome! Yeah I will be working on this now for you so keep an eye out for the video within 24 hours :D
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  16. it would be cool if you showcase my combattag simple script xD
  17. I will check it out and will be done after the request I have got :)

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