Breaking 1 Creeper Spawner turns into 2 spawners? [Help]

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  1. Hey Guys SO i work for a Faction Server BerserkMC and we have fixed many of the problems on here such as the essientials buying from sign and etc but now when people go to mine spawners they break it and it turns in to 2 spawners what do we do?
  2. Do you have a looting pickaxe in your hand?
  3. All right, Can you please give me a log error when someone breaks the spawner?

    Also, Please provide your configuration file for SilkSpawners
  4. there no error log and sure @CodeErrors
    # See documentation at

    # Should the plugin automatically update if an update is available?
    autoUpdater: true

    # Should permissions be used
    usePermissions: true

    # Should a permission be required when a spawner explodes by TNT to achieve a drop
    permissionExplode: false

    # Should be checked for WorldGuard build ability to change spawners
    useWorldGuard: true

    # Percentage of dropping a spawner block when TNT or creepers explode
    explosionDropChance: 30

    # Percentage of dropping a iron bars when a spawner is mined
    destroyDropChance: 100

    # Percentage of dropping an egg when a spawner is mined
    eggDropChance: 100

    # Percentage of dropping the spawner when mined
    silkDropChance: 100

    # When generic spawner items are placed, spawn this creature (e.g. from /give or other plugins)
    # PIG (90) is Minecraft default (put NAMES or IDs here!)
    defaultCreature: 90

    # How far is the spawner reachable with your crosshair (disable with -1)
    spawnerCommandReachDistance: 6

    # Minimum silk touch level [can be changed via other plugins to a higher value]
    # Set it to 0 to mine it without silk touch
    minSilkTouchLevel: 1

    # If a player in creative destroys a spawner nothing is dropped
    noDropsCreative: true

    # If a spawner is destroyed, should the egg be dropped
    destroyDropEgg: false

    # If a spawner is destroyed, should XP be dropped
    destroyDropXP: 0

    # Flag a spawner as already mined to prevent XP duping
    preventXPFarming: true

    #Drops XP only when a spawner is destroyed and not mined via SilkTouch
    dropXPOnlyOnDestroy: false

    # If a spawner is destroyed, should iron bars be dropped
    destroyDropBars: 0

    # Should the player be able to craft spawners
    craftableSpawners: false

    # Leave a slot empty (null/air)? Just make a space then, example 'A A' -> middle is free
    # X is always the egg
    recipeTop: AAA
    recipeMiddle: AXA
    recipeBottom: AAA
    recipeAmount: 1

    # Custom example:
    #recipeTop: 'A A'
    #recipeMiddle: 'BXA'
    #recipeBottom: 'C D'
    # - 'A,IRON_FENCE'
    # - 'B,DIRT'
    # - 'C,2'
    # - 'D,5'

    # You can put IDs or the NAME here (please uppercase)
    # Add it for each custom ingredient you add, too!

    # Should spawners be stackable
    spawnersUnstackable: false

    # Should the egg be consumed when the spawner is changed with it
    consumeEgg: true

    # Fallback if the creature should be enabled, if not specified for the entity
    enableCreatureDefault: true

    # Should numbers be ignored (on eggs) and allow every number value?
    ignoreCheckNumbers: false

    # Should instead of spawning a mob a MonsterSpawner be placed? (Uses consumeEgg value, too)
    spawnEggToSpawner: false

    # Should the spawn algorithm be overridden? Allows spawning of non-standard entities
    spawnEggOverride: false

    # Fallback if the creature should be spawned, if not specified for the entity
    spawnEggOverrideSpawnDefault: true

    # Notify the player about the spawner when he clicks it in the inventory
    notifyOnClick: true

    # Notify the player about the spawner when he holds the spawner in the hand
    notifyOnHold: true

    # Configure displaying with BarAPI, time is in seconds
    enable: true
    displayTime: 3

    # Puts more information out on startup
    verboseConfig: false

    # Internal stuff, do NOT change unless advised - the plugin might break otherwise
    useReflection: true
    testMCVersion: true
    useMetadata: true
    useLegacyName: false
  5. And do u know if u have the ObbyBreaker plugin?
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