Breath Bar Question

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  1. So I'm trying to give players a breath bar out of the water. Unfortunately, the
    Code (Java):
    method only works when the player is in the water.
    So I figured I need to use packets. However, looking around on I can't find anything of relevance, and snooping around on the ProtocolLib page also yielded no results.
    Any ideas? How can I make a client think it's underwater with packets?
  2. (offtopic: change title possibly, someone might know your answear without packets)

    Why cant you use that method? isnt it good if that only works if in water? :)
  3. I won't be surprised if it's mainly client sided, seeing as Mojang has a bad habbit making things that shouldn't be client sided, client sided. While things that should be client sided server sided. :/
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  4. As @Puharesource said, this is mainly client side like one of many things that should be done server side but isn't. :/
  5. Fair enough.
    I hope not, but thanks anyway.

    Edit: @GGhost, so there's no way whatsoever?